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Hi Everyone!

I've been lurking here for some time and I figured it was time to join so that I could comment on all the lovely things you make.


My favorite part of Sew Weekly is the "Make This Look" section.  I want to make each and every dress but alas, I am short on time.  I work full time outside the home and I have a three year old son.  I really have to practice time management skills in order to get sewing into my busy schedule.  I envy all you who are able to be stay at home moms. 


My blog is The Sanguine Seamstress and I am new to blogging.

Hi Beverly,

 welcome to sew weekly..So proud you decided to join. We have so much fun. And such encouraging on our sewing.

  I too, love the make this look section.. [Of course, it makes me pile even more  'want to do list'  on me.ha


  Enjoyed your blog..You have done some pretty stuff with your house.. Loved the pillows and the  stool is just gorgeous.


  I so understand how you feel, with the lack of sewing time.. Working full time with a small child is very  hard to find that uninterrupted sewing time. I worked at the hospital for 25 yrs and had 2 children..  I  so wanted to be able to sew ,when the notion struck... But.. it was difficult.  I am retired now..and my kids are all grown and gone..  and I still need MORE time for


  Happy sewing.


My name is Mellissa but most people just call me Miss.  I currently work as an Accountant but have been slowly taking steps to make my little sewing obsession into a career.  Anyways, I have been lurking around here for a few months checking out all the wonderful projects and decided that it was time for me to stop being a creeper and actually join.

Hi Melissa,

 welcome to sew weekly..  SO proud you decided to join.. We have lots of fun.. Happy sewing.

Glad you put an end to the lurking, welcome, can't wait to see your designs!



Hello, My name is Nancy (or Mimi to some baby grandkids), and I've sewn since I was in college. I made almost all my clothes and clothed my daughter as well. In 2004 our Army son was sent to Iraq and asked for a campaign flag, which I gladly made. His fellow soldiers liked them and I wound up making 186 of them. It took my mind off my worries during those many hours at the sewing machine.

I recently got a new Bernina 1300 Serger. It's pretty scary, but we're getting more comfortable with each other. Look forward to your company.
Hey Nancy - Welcome. Sounds like you have already done some fine sewing. Looking forward to see what make. I too got an overlocker this year (a janome) and they do take a little getting used to but I think it will be worth the effort. Cheers :-)

Hi Nancy,

 welcome to sew weekly.. SO proud you joined us.. Sounds like you have been sewing awhile.I too am  Grandma .. I have 5 .. I have sewed  for my daughter and my 4 grandaughters.. And did an occasional dress for my self.But SW has gotten me to sew for me..It is so fun.. Look forward to seeing  what you make..


  How nice that you made all those flags.. Hope your son is home fine now. Such a scary time for you and your family.

   Good luck on your new serger.. Know you will enjoy it. Happy Sewing.

Thank you all.

Yes, our son got home with a damaged right hand, but he is doing well and we are grateful to have him back. By the way -- his company in Iraq suffered NO casualties -- a rare feat during the turmoil in 2004. Several injuries, but no deaths. I later found out that the cavalry flags that I sent to them were flown on their convoy vehicles. It seems the terrorists were terrified of those little flags. They heard stories about the US Cavalry and apparently assumed they were far too dangerous, and preferred to leave them alone. Did the flags save lives? Nobody will ever know.

I'm looking forward to being in the Circle -- currently working on a Kwik Sew 2-piece dress for myself, but -- wouldn't you know it, DH asked if I could sew yards and yards of curtains to go around his train club's layout. (boring...UGH) I will not be posting a picture of that.

Thanks for the warm welcome...Nancy

I would like to believe your flags did save lives! How wonderful.

Thank you for letting us know your son is recovering and home.

Hi Everyone,

I'm new to the SW site. I have a new sewing room and some recently acquired free time, relatively speaking I suppose. I'm excited to start sewing for pleasure again, to get going on some of these challenges and to start using my refurbished Singer 201-2.  I'm largely self  taught and draft my own patterns, but mostly drape on the form. I'm excited to start using commercial patterns in an effort to fill in the gaps in my sewing skills, and to become more effective and efficient in realizing my design inspirations. My last creative project was a kitchen renovation in my home. Perhaps I should make a dress inspired by that. :)


A dress inspired by a kitchen renovation would be worth seeing.  Welcome Dany.


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