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I've just come across the following website and was wondering if anyone has tried their patterns.

It is an Australian company - Style Arc and the website is 


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 They have some pretty patterns

I hope this isn't out of place - if so - please do delete this post.


If anyone wants a chance to try some Danish Onion pattern - there's a contest here (not my blog!) with a chance to win two!

ETA: and I'm not entering the contest myself

Just looking at the Danish Onion, very nice, I am really enjoying working out what it says, I guess I am niveau: begynder (not really middel) and my favourite title so far is "Kort buks & knickers"


What fun - great patterns and I am learning Danish!


BTw if you click on info on the onion site there is a Union Flag, if you click on that you get a page in English telling you about the patterns.


Then I follwed a link to this, where you can buy some Onion patterns internationally and when you order they email you the instructions translated into English

Great - Onion really are the easiest patterns I've ever used - beginner REALLY IS beginner (yep - beginner=begynder ;) Middel = intermediate;  ekspert/avanceret = expert/advanced). Getting an email with the instructions in English solves all problems then :D


I really like that they come in all sizes avaliable in each pattern  - no need to buy new patterns as your kids grow or as mummy shirnks :)


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