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I've just come across the following website and was wondering if anyone has tried their patterns.

It is an Australian company - Style Arc and the website is 


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Hi Jen,

No I haven't heard of them either but looking at their website they seem very well thoughtout, a lot of clarity in the details and sizing. I also like there line, it looks very modern!

I hope someone has, love to know more!


Jen, havent heard of them.But I went to the sight.. Really like them..

I came across them when I did a blog post about independant pattern companies yesterday. How odd that you mentioned it today! 

I've never sewn any independents except Colette but I will hopefully get around to them in the summer! I do like the look of Stylearc!

I like what you highlighted Stevie! I really like the Betsy Kingston tunic, I haven't seen that one before. I'll just add that to my oh so long list of patterns!

I've seen them once when reading about the bridesmaide dress.

I know about some Danish independent pattern companies, Onion and Line2Line. I've only tried Onion's patterns myself but they are well made and EASY!

I like the look of the Onion's patterns, but I have no Danish. Do you know if any of the instructions are in English?

The writing on the pattern comes in Danish and German  - the instructions themselves on the cover are all in Danish. But they are so easy - instructions are rarely needed. If so - they are so basic that Google translate can handle them (or I can help too ;) )


ETA: I'd write the lady that makes the pattern asking if she has an English- line.

There is an english website selling them I came across. They come with an english instruction sheet.

Have any of you used patterns from the pattern company "Hot Patterns"? Here's the link:


I've looked at them before and like their style but that's about as far as I have gotten.

OOooh  -I like those!

I like them too, just for info UK ladies, you can buy these at (they also do Colette and sewaholic)


Has anyone made anything of theirs?

Oh the send international too - so I can get Colettes! YAY!!! Thanks!


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