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This morning as I sipped my coffee I got to thinking, if I could do anything or be anything what would it be…and then I wondered what you would answer. Of course things are good but it's always fun to dream! Maybe the Royal Wedding got me thinking and dreaming…


So here goes…At least right in the moment I think I would like to be an art curator at the Smithsonian museum. About a year ago I would have answered someone working on a vineyard in New Zealand! Wine, art, there is some connection there!

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Well I seriously want you to follow your dream so I can shop at Main Street and visit that hip gal that knows style!



but right now, the hip gal is going grocery shopping.



Sounds like my kind of place!


I've done the Art Museum bit, but rather than being on the curatorial side, I managed a picture library in one for 17 years and I've now moved on to dealing with copyright.  I find I have a little bit more spare time now than I used to and what I would like to do right now is carry on with my job (which I quite enjoy and it pays the bills) and open up a little online shop so I can live my dream in a small and safe way! 


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