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This week I had such high hopes.... epic fail, again, no time no time. I am under pressure because I spend all of July obsessed by men in lycra.... ;0)


I get to sew ONLY after I have been to my full time job and my three year old daughter is in bed. So big projects overwhelm me. Some nights I am just too tired and don't even get started. I have a whole long list of projects I would like to do PLUS, in July, it is the only sport I like. Yes, I am a huge fan of the Tour de France cycling race.


As I can't watch the Tour all day (I did this sometimes before I had my daughter!) for 3 weeks while it's on I watch the highlights show every night - it is an hour long. So I can't start until an hour later than normal.


I see Debi has had the same problem - the time pressure, not the obsession with men in lycra - (those five TSW ladies are under such pressure to deliver, glad it's not me) and has been getting up early to sew despite her sister visiting. She is super dedicated and I am glad she is having a week off next week to move. (Good luck Debi, and looking forward to seeing you back the week after).


What is stopping you from doing the challenges?

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Sure that sounds great. Should we start by posting the " before" picture and update weekly?
I'll start a Challenge 'Discussion thread' each week with the area to be blitzed where people can admit to their achievements and photos.  If you photograph it today it won't be the same as when you come to deal with it, thats for sure! :)
What a great idea Rosemary - I'm in! I like your "tidy up tips" too....
Sounds like a good idea, though as I'm moving I may end up doing this in reverse and start building up a new sewing space from scratch (and hopefully make it clutter free this time) as I move everything from my old place.
That sounds like a great way to tackle it Rosemary - I think sometimes you need something to give you a little push and a bit at a time makes it more manageable. Having said that I think I'm going to be forced into a major clear up anyway as we are moving house shortly (albeit a slightly convoluted move involving staying with my parents for a few weeks then moving to a rented place temporarily while we sell ours before we can finally buy a new place to settle in). I think I am going to have to be quite ruthless with myself on the clutter removal front!

I found that for me a good time to be ruthless about chucking miscellaneous 'stuff' is about 10pm with a deadline that it must be done before you go to bed(this happened to me a couple of months after finishing a college course, I found that I was really brutal with hoarded pictures, papers &  fabric scraps!).

  Another technique is to view the items and say to yourself  "If it was lost in a fire, would I (want to)  replace it?" 

Finally my mother's advice is when you are sorting things into different piles/categories DO NOT have a 'Miscellaneous/it might come in handy' pile, because if you do you won't get rid of anything!

I'm in the same boat, Charlotte!  Full time job and only time after the three year old goes to bed.  Then, I'm too tired to do anything at all except shower and get in bed.  And then, of course, men in lycra is always a good thing. heh.


So, I try to keep my sewing to the weekend but the days get filled up with other things.  Today, we have to take the car in for repairs, have an early dinner with friends, perhaps take the boy to the pumpkin patch and then do some shopping for his birthday.  Probably won't have time to sew unless I do it this evening, again - after the boy is asleep.


Tomorrow is time to work around the house but while the husband is working outside (and little boy usually is outside helping him) I get the opportunity to sew something - in between cleaning the house and doing laundry.  Oh, I forgot, I also do my grocery shopping.  Whew!


I've tried to get a little sewing in each day and I feel like I accomplish more and certainly get my sewing fix in but I find I have very little time to do that at the end of the day.  It takes time to get into the sewing groove and I find I end up doing just one more thing.  Then, by the time I look at the clock, its very late and I have to get to bed.


I feel that if I could just do one thing per week, I would be on top of the game.


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