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This week I had such high hopes.... epic fail, again, no time no time. I am under pressure because I spend all of July obsessed by men in lycra.... ;0)


I get to sew ONLY after I have been to my full time job and my three year old daughter is in bed. So big projects overwhelm me. Some nights I am just too tired and don't even get started. I have a whole long list of projects I would like to do PLUS, in July, it is the only sport I like. Yes, I am a huge fan of the Tour de France cycling race.


As I can't watch the Tour all day (I did this sometimes before I had my daughter!) for 3 weeks while it's on I watch the highlights show every night - it is an hour long. So I can't start until an hour later than normal.


I see Debi has had the same problem - the time pressure, not the obsession with men in lycra - (those five TSW ladies are under such pressure to deliver, glad it's not me) and has been getting up early to sew despite her sister visiting. She is super dedicated and I am glad she is having a week off next week to move. (Good luck Debi, and looking forward to seeing you back the week after).


What is stopping you from doing the challenges?

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Just give it a try and upload something challenge releted or not.

It's easy to be overly critic with ones own work especially if things don't work out the first time and you spend more time fixing things than you thought it would take to make the whole thing. I remember more then one ocassion when that happend to me...

I agree with Nora Anne, just upload whatever you have done. Even when I have uploaded disasters (to show I tried!) everyone is supportive and sympathetic. We would love to see whatever you have made.


And I have never seen a discouraging word commented since the sewing circle started back at the beginning of the year! Everyone here is genuinely lovely.

I have completely lost my motivation to sew - sad to say, but true.  I was on such a role for the first few months of the year, but got busy with "other" sewing for my daughters, went on holidays twice, and just generally busy with "stuff".  I was hoping that this week I would actually get a challenge done, but the girls are on holidays, there are days spent at eisteddfods and before I know it the week has gone - with nothing made ...... again!!  Arghhhhhhhh


I am hoping next week (how many times have I said that) that joy I find in sewing is going to come rushing back!

Hope your sew-jo returns really soon Debbie, but no pressure, the more you try to force it the worse you get I have found. I got mine back when Amanda sent me a top she had made for Mia, I have made one too now. But there were weeks when I was forcing myself and it wasn't fun - a bit silly really.


You will be back on form soon I'm sure!

What a great topic.


I too struggle with having enought time and energy to sew, with part time work and kids and busy husband.  My sewing room is also such a mess - that I just go in there and get overwhelmed - thumb through a few patterns and leave again!


I also feel that my sewing is my much needed creative outlet, but I also don't feel i can get in there and work until everyone else has been looked after.


I try to sew on Sunday afternoons, I put a roast dinner on, so I have a few hours to really get into it.  This is impossible when you have a three year old!  It will change!  My youngest is 5 and much more independant thank God.


My plan is to get really organized, bundle up fabric and projects, - cut when I am energetic, sew when energetic, or have  few handsewing or unpicking tasks together for doing at night while watching the TV.


The planning helps too - making lists of the notions you need to get in order to complete projects too, will prevent hold ups.


Think of it as your self care - something lots of mums neglect.





Glad to hear I may be back daytime sewing sooner than I thought! Great ideas - I do take my 3 year old to the fabric shop etc when we are out and buy bits to get on with. Your Sunday sounds fab, sewing and roast dinner, how lovely!


I have little things to do in front of the tv but sometimes I don't even have the energy for that - it's soon my hols though! Tee hee

I honestly do not feel I have to stick to the weekly challenge.  I like them, but I'm here for the people.
Good point, well made x
I agree.  I like the challenges for inspiration, but generally, I already have my projects planned out.  If I can, I'll adjust the order for what is being made during the challenge week, but generally, I stick with my plan with slight modifications if something sparks my interest.

Occasionally the challenges don't fit in with what I want (or need) to sew this week. I have had a bit of trouble with the summery feel of some challenges as it is so dark, windy, rainy, grey, cold, etc. etc.

Time-poor too. I work from 8.30am to 5.30pm and so leave home around 8 and arrive home at about 6 unless I need to get groceries (few other shops open for retail therapy). Once you get tea, news and time spent with My Man Andrew, there is not always a lot of time left for sewing.

Sometimes there is something too darn good on the telly! Still I have a little telly in my sewing area now, so I guess that excuse is mostly off the list.

And sometimes I lose my sew-jo, like Debbie. And nothing gets done then.

Best thing I've found is to join in when it works, and not beat myself up when it doesn't. Cheers.


Like ladykatza, I'm just in it for the people :-)

Thanks for all your replies girls - actually I have found reading your answers hugely reassuring. In particular I am glad everyone seems to have much the same opinion, that this is supposed to be fun and it is OK to miss challenges if they don't fit what you want  to do. I sometimes suffer with "challenge guilt"!


Btw we have no internet at home temporarily - the router is not routing (or whatever it does), so I can't post pics and I can't get on in the evening (that'll save me some time!)


Thanks again for all your supportive and thoughtful responses Cxx


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