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This week I had such high hopes.... epic fail, again, no time no time. I am under pressure because I spend all of July obsessed by men in lycra.... ;0)


I get to sew ONLY after I have been to my full time job and my three year old daughter is in bed. So big projects overwhelm me. Some nights I am just too tired and don't even get started. I have a whole long list of projects I would like to do PLUS, in July, it is the only sport I like. Yes, I am a huge fan of the Tour de France cycling race.


As I can't watch the Tour all day (I did this sometimes before I had my daughter!) for 3 weeks while it's on I watch the highlights show every night - it is an hour long. So I can't start until an hour later than normal.


I see Debi has had the same problem - the time pressure, not the obsession with men in lycra - (those five TSW ladies are under such pressure to deliver, glad it's not me) and has been getting up early to sew despite her sister visiting. She is super dedicated and I am glad she is having a week off next week to move. (Good luck Debi, and looking forward to seeing you back the week after).


What is stopping you from doing the challenges?

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I don't normally watch sport Diane, I don't see the point at all and I just don't get football. But there is something about the cycling I love, only the Tour de France though, none of the others - the British lad Mark Cavendish won the stage yesterday. It was ace ;0)


JDI is a great motto - I am going to use it to think positive tonight!

Work.  At the moment, purely and simply, it's my workload.  *sigh*


Although in the past, I've struggled to meet the timelines due to either family visiting from out of town, or being out of town myself.


Yay for these challenges though, otherwise I probably wouldn't have done any sewing for the last couple of months!  But instead, I have new things in my wardrobe.  :-)

I'm with you Kat, if it hadn't been for the challenges I would have done nothing for months. But actually I am starting to have a few me-made things I wear, actually the most wearable thing I have made so far is the sorbetto top with your lace on, I wear that to work with my suit fairly often, always makes me smile.


Next Weds night I have to do a work thing instead of dressmaking class - boo hiss!

Its a work/family balance issue for me.  I still have to make sure the kids' are fed/clothed/bathed and then make sure the hubby doesn't feel neglected.   Now I've switched back to the 12 hour overnight schedule (alternating three nights on, four off, four on, three off) so maybe I'll be able to do more sewing.  Not to mention cleaning and cooking at home.


Right now I'm trying to do my "Wardrobe Essentials" planning.

I hope you let us know how your wardrobe essentials planning is going - I have loads of mismatching things because I just do challenges without matching the stuff up. Sounds like a fun thing to do!


Hope you get more sewing time, your schedule sounds very demanding!

Great topic Charolette,


   You know..  I so understand your problem. I so remember the long days at the hospital, coming in exhausted.[And with my daughter being a school teacher and telling me the stresses of teaching..I understand your stress!!!] ..Then when my kids [have 2] were small..It seemed by the time ,I did household chores and tended to them..It was no time left to sew.. I would sit and  dream of the day, that  I could just sew as much as Iwanted to..

And Charolette, I promise you..time will get better for you..

  Charolette..enjoy your Tour de France for the 3 weeks.. thats enjoyment for you, and  the sewing will be still here for the rest of the weeks..  We dont need to stress ourselves into  throwing together a sewing project just to get a challenge done.[thats when it becomes not fun!!].

  I too, admire the 5 TSW girls..I just know that EVERY week, is really hard and stressful..[Good luck on the move, Debi]

   Now..what keeps me from doing the challenges?/

  1- Some times the challenges just dont suit anything that I need or  want.

  2- Some times , I have certain things I want to do for the grandkids or they need special


   3- Sometimes ,I am just lazy...

 In the end.. SW is so motivating and has really helped me , to sew for me..And the friendships are wonderful

and the language lessons are fun too.ha.  

I like your number 3 excuse the best Judy! You are right though, I really go off the boil when it isn't fun. I am glad to know you have time to sew now Judy, and I hope your grandkids appreciate their sewing maw  - I know I didn't appreciate mine as much as I should have (not realising the time and effort she put in), that's why I sew quite alot for me, I know I will appreciate myself! ;0)

I have a job, two preschoolers and household renovations going on now, plus a terminally ill family member means my man is away for long blocks of time.  Sewing is something I get to do for ME when I have the energy and time (after everyone is in bed and I've answered those last urgent emails of the evening).  If I'm too tired, then I don't do it because it's supposed to be fun, not another job that has to get done.  I view the Sew Weekly Challenges as a jumping off point - if they help me get UFOs off the table or help me frame a vague idea I've had, all the better.  If they aren't inspiring, or if I'm too busy, I skip it.     

I was waiting for a reaction to finish the other day at work, so I took out my notepad and wrote down all the projects I have been dreaming of, with notes about which fabric to use, which pattern alterations, etc.   I got to the bottom of the page before I made myself stop!  I'll never get all those things made, but it's a good exercise in prioritizing!  

Well you do sound very busy Vicki, and I think you are so right, sewing should be fun and not another job. My mother-in-law says things like "you could make all Mia's clothes now you are doing all this sewing" and I think "yeah, and that would be no fun at all, a pain and the poor girl would have to go naked because I wouldn't make enough stuff!".


It is great dreaming isn't it though - that's almost the best part!

Ummm, life can be overwhelming! Family and work can be demanding, in a good way but an exhausting way too which leaves me drained.


Sewing is joyful for me and sometimes I just don't have the mental willpower to focus on it. I look at it as a mental challenge…good for the ol' brain.


I would never feel pressured to do every challenge so I let myself off the hook if the challenge isn't a fit. I also know that at times I need more than a week to do a project…a week might translate into 8 hours. If work is stressful or I'm traveling then it's time just to look for inspiration and feed the sewing soul and that's great too.


I just want to have fun with it and enjoy our sewing community. 

Good point Cathe - the end product isn't the be all and end all, I like the thinking about it too "sewing soul" is a lovely phrase.


Our sewing community is lovely isn't it? So supportive and so positive. I still love everything about it.

I don't always have the right thing in mind for the challenges and I'm still a little shy of exposing my work- even to such a supportive group. I keep thinking 'this next one...'


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