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Hi All - I'm new to Sew Weekly and I have loved looking through folks' photos and all the "make this look" posts.  There's a skirt that I'd really love to make but I can't figure it out, and I thought some of you more experienced sewists might know how.  It's an Ann Taylor pencil skirt with interesting corseted seam details.  You can check out the skirt at:


(I couldn't figure out how to get the image here.  It's also on my pinterest board here:


I plan to make the skirt in denim, just like the orginal.  Here's what I can't figure out:


1) It looks like the "corset" seaming is a flat-felled seam.  It may be that the darts were used to create this, but I'm not sure how the dart was squared off to create this look.


2) It looks like the skirt is a 5-panel skirt (1 front, 2 sides, 2 backs) and I'm not sure how to draft this.  I know how to make s skirt block and I've drafted pencil skirts before.  I know that you can create panels using the dart lines, but I'm not sure how to do this around the sides (no traditional side seam). 


This Vogue pattern looks pretty close if I do away with the waistband:


Let me know if you have any ideas about this - I could sure use some help!






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It looks like the darts have simply been topstitched parallel a few millimetres out, then squaring off to the end of the dart (I hope I am being clear?).  The seam line on the Anne Klein pattern looks very similar but I would sugggest you start with a basic straight skirt pattern with two darts in it - maybe a 1960's one, then create the seam line by cutting into the pattern and adding seam allowances to each side.  I agree - that seam looks like a flatfell one - or you could just create the illusion of that by topstitching - I would do a toile and play around with it until you are happy.   Good luck!

Oh.  Duh.  Topstitching.  That is much simpler than what I had been imagining! That is very helpful -  Thank you, Trish!

Yep.  Solidly good advice from trish.


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