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I'm probably the last to this party but this website looks very interesting!

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I had a good look, very pretty. I really like the A line dress and the skirt with braces.

I like the dress 'Hazel', which looks very flattering and versatile.

Wow, I've never heard of them, but everything looks so cute! Another addition to my xmas list...

Thank you for the link. I will be getting some new patterns from there for sure....

I quite like the Anouk pattern - some very nice things there 

Thanks for sharing..

OOh, thanks for the link, I love them all!  I just bought the Anouk :)

Let me know how it goes Amber, what fun x

Ooh, that is my first choice, when I get around to buying ink for my printer. Glad someone else thinks its cute too. Please make it soon!

Cute patterns ..Thanks for sharing.

Thanks for sharing! I hadn't heard of them yet and I love patterns from the independent designers.  Adding Chloe and Anouk to my wish list.


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