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More themes are up! (Thanks Mena) I really like the idea of revisiting a pattern....

I'm thinking about another Colette Peony.... (I already have 2 Colette Crepes and 2 Colette Gingers, can I do a re-revisit? tee hee) this time in a smaller bodice but with a Full Bust Adjustment.

Have you decided to revisit a pattern? Have you made something you like so much you'd like another or do you want to make alterations?

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I'm so going to do this one!  I've got several patterns I've made for Sew Weekly challenges that I want to have a go at again - either because I think I can make them better next time, or because I loved the results so much.  It's going to be hard to choose which to do!

I'll be doing this challenge for sure, probably I will do another version of the pattern I used for my plaid dress but with a longer skirt for winter. I really like this pattern it has only four pattern pieces including the pockets.

I'm always looking for pattern that I could use more then once, especially since I copy most of the patterns I sew from Burda Style magazines it saves a good deal of work to use them again.

Charolette, great idea.. I love the peony pattern. Looks fantastic on you.


  I too love this challenge. Always nice to do  a pattern that you have already muslin.yea,yea.

 Havent decided what I am going to do.. But plan to do one..

   Have you picked out fabric yet?? Happy sewing and planning.

Thanks for the replies girls, sounds like this challenge is getting us fired up! I can't wait to see your remakes...


 I did love the peony but the fit is not perfect so that is why I would like to remake it - a good mix of I think I could do it better and I really like the result too, Kat!


Nora - all that work would have to justify a good result! Great idea to remake for a different season...


Let us know as soon as you have something in mind Judy, will it be a winter wear item?

Charolette, Havent decided what pattern , I will use..but it will be winter...since it is right up on us.!!!

I will let you know, when I decide.  Gotta get pinup challenge finished first...ha

Charolette T... I think I will do the New Look pattern ,that I just did for orange challenge week.. I really like  it. very comfortable.. Maybe in corduroy this time??

I too like this theme, there are always the other versions that I would like to do but rarley do! I'm thinking another ginger, I just hope I have enough time to get it done!

What does anyone think on the Burda book challenge? I have ordered a copy, hoping that I can choose something that will double up as a christmas present. Does anyone have the book already, if so what do you think?

I've ordered the book too - I was trying not to as I am waiting for the Colette book to arrive but I decided to go for it anyway - hope it is good, I am hoping to find something I like in it. I will be interested to hear your opinion when you get your copy!
oh yes, I'm counting the days! Let me know what you think of the Colette too, I'm not so sure. I am sure I will surcome in the though, fabric, patterns and books I can never ever resist!

I'll be doing this one for sure, since I will probably have to skip the next two challenges (I don't have anything vaguely pin-up and I don't have the BurdaStyle book). 


I'd love to go back and use one of my first patterns and give it a twist, now that I fancy myself an advanced beginner, or maybe even an intermediate on a good day!

if are only an advanced beginner Vicki then I have serious problems! ;0)


I am skipping orange (I looked through my stash and my local fabric shop and came up empty) and I may skip pin up so I am determined to do this one!

I won't call myself an intermediate sewist until I tackle:  1)trousers  2)placket zipper 3)fitted jacket.  Gotta have incentives! 

Once I can drape, tailor and draft patterns, I'll allow myself to say "expert".  Hope there are enough years of sewing left  ;)


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