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I don't want this to become a UFO... are you able to criticize this please?

I've just finished this dress (HotPatterns Uptown, downtown awesomeness.... ok I made the last part up!) but for some reason, it doesn't look right... I've asked a few people and they "like" i but can't figure out why they don't love it but they all feel it's almost there... This is how I feel!


It's uber comfy and has potential to be amazing but isn't working. It's meant to be casual and the neckline like a sweatshirt but it sits funny.  I did choose not to use ribbing but a slightly thicker knit because of the colour choices available to me.


I have marked a line to pull the collar out slightly wider in the picture.... Ignore the hair and facial expression please.... lol!

My legs are actually longer than they look.... I'm happy with the hem but just not the top.


Does anyone have any suggestions?  Thank you sooooooooooooooooo much!

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Only an idea, but I think it might look good if you took off the ribbing on the sleeves and just made them into regular ones - at the moment the gathered in effect seems to make the top half of the dress look a bit small and constrained... Only an idea though.
I just shorten the sleeves of this dress, I think that this change will give the dress a "touch" younger, I think the dress covers a lot of skin in full and shortened the sleeves isan option, just an idea.
I like it too. This might sound goofy but try a different belt, maybe one thats thicker and sits slightly higher...
I like that you're widening the neck. I'd also take off the ribbing on the sleeve, turn under the hem and thread 6mm elastic through. It'd still give the puffy look but be a bit shorter & cleaner. Then I also like Cathes idea of trying a wider, higher belt. Nice fabric.

Thanks so much everyone.... I've worn it a couple of times but find I'm overing up the neck with a scarf and my partner told me I look matronly... *smack*!


I'm going to unpick the sleeves and shorten them up a bit. I'm toying with removing the collar too.....   I'll re-post the finished (again) version.


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