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Does anybody know a good guide about how to choose the right needle for your fabric.

So far I have worked with standard needles, Jersey/strech needles and demin needles.

But how do I choose a needle for a mixed fabric like a cotton/strech mix?

And what needle do I use when I want to sew two diffrent types of fabric toghether? Is there a rule?

How do you do it, do you use book or online guide or do you just go with try and error?


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If it is a cotton stretch mix, use a "Ballpoint" needle or you will damage the fabric - I did this this week - not pretty.  I guess you should attempt to use the smallest needle relative to the most delicate of the fabrics.  You could work your way up if it can take it or if it is not strong enough.

Thank you.

Is a ballpoint needle the same as a strech needle?

I have a very thin synthetic fabric that I want to use for a dress, I wanted to line it with jersey, since it's comfortable and I have a jersey that is exact the same color. But I'm really unsure, I have some fine microtex needles but I think they are very sharp so not really a good choice for jersey.

Yes.  Fine needles could still damage the yarns, I think the ball point just pushes them aside rather than punching a hole through.  You could do a test piece then wash to see how it comes out.  You know how sometimes tiny holes are not visible in knits until after washing?
You could also try Sandra Betzina- More Fabric Savvy, It's brilliant.
this is a good palce to get explainations about needles There is also good informaton about different threads as well, just have a good nose about this site.  I just found this page myself  lots of useful short lessons on thread, needles, tension etc. definately well worth a visit
Thanks, I'm going to watch the video.


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