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Ok - how long is too long to spend trying to get something just right, or to take a garment from "ugly or ordinary" to something a little bit special?  Does it matter how long it takes?


I have just spent about 3 hours fiddling with a neckline - a neckline on a very simple (2 hr it said on the pattern?) dress.  I hate to give up, so I have stuck it out, constantly questioning whether this is efficient use of my time, or whether the dress is worth the investment. 


Does it depend on how much the fabric cost, or what type of garment it is, or the purpose of the garment?  I would love to know your thoughts.

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Ohhhhhh going from love to hate for sure! I can honestly say I hate my red dress for that very reason, this is the same dress that challenged me with two left sleeves and ever other little thing. In the end it was kind of uncomfortable when I tried it on.

If the end product was nice I would probably still love it but if that little voice spoke to me somewhere in the middle of production, basically saying something like this is a losing battle I might give up but rarely do I give in, just for the satisfaction of finishing. I figure if nothing else, I've invested so much time hopefully I will learn something, beside distaste for the pattern!

This is the current question of my life! Sewing has recently gone from a super quick and easy exercise to a long, drawn out and often painful one as I need to do extensive grading to get patterns to fit my non-proportional body. The piles of discarded muslins and trial pattern pieces strewn around my living room definitely leave me wondering, "Is it really worth it?" Being a perfectionist I want to get it perfectly right the first time and often don't have oodles of patience when it goes continually wrong. At this stage I've got a cycle of projects I'm working on - when I get too frustrated with one, I go onto the next and work on that until it does my head in and so on. Doing a little bit of work on a number of projects helps me from losing my mind by working on the same project for weeks with seemingly little progress! For me, if I love the fabric and the intended final product then it's definitely worth persevering. I try to hold onto the thought that I've got to be developing my skills through continual failure and so if I keep going maybe it will get easier soon!

If you don't really care about the fabric, are a bit "meh" about the design then put it in the "I'll get to it later" pile, go have a cup of tea and give your mind (and seam ripper) a break!

I seem to spend way longer than other people seem to! And I don't really spend much time with the seam ripper either. I think I spend most of my time umming and ahhing.. you know, measure twice cut once, take forever!

There is no such thing as a 1hr dress when I'm making it!

Although I have noticed that since I started SW, I'm getting quicker. Both in the sewing and the decision making.

I've also found when I decide 'whatever... I'm not even going to like this anyway' that takes the pressures off and then it seems to be smooth sailing and I end up with something I unexpectedly love! ie. my pj's and the green dress. Both were a  bit meh in the beginning and are now total faves.

I agree - it can take a little time after completion for something to grow on you but when it does, it can quickly become indispensable! I guess it is always worth persevering.....

A lovely older lady who gave me her patterns told me "whatever you are making always looks like a dishrag before it's finished". I try to bear that in mind when whatever it is looks as though my project will never be anything nice. This usually seems to work!


I must admit to persevering more since I started SW, a couple of weeks because I just had to have something to show before the challenge was up! For me (since I don't buy expensive fabric, in case I mess it up) I have tried to finish everything. Cathe explains it well above - I feel the same.


Having said that, I hate this week's item so much I eventually decided to put it away. And I feel better for it!

Good.. well said..I am PROUD of you Charolette. I too.. feel the same way, Your elderly friend was so right..I dont know how many times, I have thought..I will never wear "THIS  THING".. and in the end the dish rag turns into something I like..

   Then  just wasn't meant to be, and to the garbage  [not the ufo pile] it goes..I dont want the memory around..and dont want to come back to it,EVER..HAHA

Did you *shelf* the skirt? If so, good for you! I had to step away from my project last night, I was just too tired and admittedly grumpy, probably a bit foul. I gave myself a personal time out!

Thanks for your support Cathe and Judy. Skirt is shelved and I feel much better. It may be my UFO for next week!


Cathe I hope your time out has helped and you feel better today!


No dish rags here!

Yes I was completely bratty last night, today, a new woman...! And the dress is complete with very few issues after last night! Nothing like a good night's sleep!
Yea. yea...  Good nights sleep helps all ...

   I think it really depends on the mood I am in..sometimes I can spend hours and hours trying to make something work.. And then again...sometimes ...very quickly , it goes to the ufo pile.

  Sew weekly has helped me so much to finish projects.. As Charolette T   said, wanting to post that picture, makes your preservere.ha But sometimes.. things just arent meant to be and they HAVE to go on to the garbage. And know matter how short a time or how long of a time you have sewed..You will always have them times. I think that is the fun of sewing... waiting on the one that " Turns out just right, the way you want it".


well said Judy!


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