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Challenge is around the corner, so who is your inspiration and why?

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This is actually difficult for me because I don't watch the show! I've cut out a dress, and I've been thinking of it as more 60's inspired than character inspired.

Which character is inspiring you?

Joan for the hourglass figure. I'm watching the show to see what I like to make xx

Joanie--I like her style  (sexy without being revealing) and I like her character the most. I wrote extensively about what it is about her wardrobe that I specifically like here:

That was a great post, Tina. I just stopped by your blog to read it after seeing it linked somewhere (I forget where at the moment).

In terms of inspiration, I love Betty's clothing, but I don't think I'd wear any of it - too many pastels and large florals come to mind.  I'm definitely more a classic, but quirky dresser like Peggy.

I like to think I'm a season 3-4 Peggy (less frumpy, more ambitious). She, Joan, and Mr. Cooper are my fave of the main characters. I hope Joan and Peggy continue to get along!

Jooooaaaanie!!!    I have at least 4 perfect Joan patterns, two of them are crumbly/savory-vintage and I'm having a hard time deciding.  I'll have to scale up the boobs, and not sure I'll have time due to other important sewing this week.


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