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How do you measure up? Is anyone really 'standard' sized.

So...I'm possibly mad... I mean nobody ever shares their measurements with others!! lol. But... I'm working on a Burda pattern at the moment and it came with this nifty little measurement chart. So I decided to circle my measurements for a quick guide for altering the pattern.

Now I consider myself to own a pretty average looking and rather unremarkable figure... and I already knew that my bust, waist, hip would be three different sizes. But I've never thought much about the other measurements. Wow!! I cover 5 different sizes! Perhaps I'm not so average after all.


This got me thinking about 2 things


1. the push for 'standardised sizing' in clothing retail.

Personally.. I think it's a flawed notion. It's just not possible. Every person is such a different shape that we'll never fit into a 'standard'. I'm glad that while one store doesn't cater for my shape.. I know that there will be another store that does.  And of course... if all else fails.. make it myself!


2. That we all need to give ourselves a break. There is no normal size! Once upon a time, we made clothes to fit our bodies. Now people seem to think their body should fit the clothes.


So how does everyone else measure up? Do you fit the mould? Does it bother you if you don't?

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I have to say... looking at your sookie dress you are now the queen of alteration in my mind! And I love your 'Agatha'. But doesn't it suck how much effort goes into making a dress look so effortless! I used to stick to fitted bodices and full skirts.. but now that I'm branching out, I've started noticing the vertical proportion thing much more. I'm short from from shoulder to bust and then have a high hip and sway back... or in otherwords.. muffin tops and a big butt! lol. I may have learnt to pattern make at college.. but models don't exactly have these issues! lol.
I do not fit the mold, might have cracked the mold on the way out. I am 4' 11 I cover 3 sizes from my top, waist,  and bottom, I also have a smaller back measurement and my waist to hip ratio is about 5" instead of the standard 7 to 9. It took me a bit to wrap my head around it and I hate clothes shopping and now I know why lol.
Brandy, I find myself always making darts on the neckline to make them smaller as i have the same issue with all necklines.


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