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I am making the simplicity retro 8879

This is my first mans anything and I am about ready to give up on it. The instructions on how to make the double lapel are dismal and the ease stitching matching is horrible in it. It looks like a gathered sleeve more so than a mans suit.

I have already invested so much time on this project and want it to just be done with. I am in the muslin stage and I am thinking I do not even want to cut the suit fabric.

Any little bit will help. OH! And the sizing is ridiculous. Any help on sizing a mans suit would be great because apparently you can't just go off the mans actual measurements.

I hate, no loath, how the left side looks. This is on my female double so ignore the chest lolThe odd lapels. I drew on the suit where I think it should cut in on the collar

The horrible left sleeve "gathers" and another lapel shot...

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My husband is always asking me to make something for him, and this is exactly why I refuse. Not to mention that he is a perfectionist. 

I would maybe look at other patterns and see if they give different instructions on the lapel and sleeve. I made myself two different blazers last year and the construction was completely different. I thought the second one was way easier to follow.

Good luck! I know how frustrating it is to spend so much time on something and it not come together the way you had hoped. 

I have given up on it for the time being. I am at the point with it that I need to walk away from the project.


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