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Ha Charlotte I bet you never played "heads up 7up"…


Okay not what I wanted to pass on to you all…

check this out 20% off Colette patterns, fill out the survey today or tomorrow…

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OK, I give in, what's head's up 7up?


Is it like British Bulldog?


PS thanks for the colette tip!

It's a game we had to play at school when it was raining and we couldn't go out for recess…so no real meaning, it just popped into my head! I think I would prefer it to be a British drink! Or maybe we can give it new meaning!

7up is a sort of lemonade, as you seem to know! I have filled in the form for my 20% off coupon!


PS we didn't have recess, we had breaktime (this is never going to end, ever!)


;0) you are making me laugh Cathe, thanks

Charlotte you have become my favorite diversion, so thank you!


"Break time"…was there a water cooler to discuss the latest playground activities? Sounds pretty sophisticated to me! We had nap time…recess came later! Those were the days!


Yes 7up is here too, same as Sprite. 

just to keep the fun going.... we had 'little lunch' and 'big lunch'  - cute huh!  later it just became 'morning tea' and 'lunch'.
So it was a snack? Little lunch sounds nicer than "snack".

I work with someone that has first lunch and second lunch, huge appitite.
Ohh I miss playing heads up 7up on rainy days. Maybe we can institute it at the office as a break during long meetings? Ha!
I want the parfait!

heads up


Cathe has reduced me to googling.... now I want to play!

I just want the time to make it…!!
Oh man! I just bought my patterns last week!!
pants! they are worth every penny though...x


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