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My 'stashbusting' top went to work last Friday when we did a 'dress down day' in aid of the Red Cross.  A 'let out' version of, 'I should Coco' is going to Ladies Day at Newmarket races in July, complete with fascinator and hand-made gloves.  My multicoloured tunic is destined to be a swimsuit/beach cover up when I go on holiday.  Where and when have you worn your Sew Weekly creations? 

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I'm also focusing on consuming less and sewing more thoughtfully. My Thrifty365 and Building a Lifetime Wardrobe projects help to keep me focused on that.  I am really enjoying co-hosting the Sewing Through the Decades Challenge with Debi.  It's a lot of fun to try things out of my preferred decades.  :D
Yes, I was excited to read your point of view on your blog and look at your photos. I love your Hepburn inspiration! Such a good vibe!
Love. love your tunics...

I've worn all of mine too!!

I wore my Valentine's Dress at well, Valentine's Day dinner but also since I made the top separate, wear it quite a bit with my high waisted trousers...


I also wear my 1933 dress and jacket and the jacket separately...


I try to wear the faux fur jacket anytime I can get away with it :-)


I wear my Coco Chanel blouse ALL the time!! 


I also wear my poncho (but not so much the purple trousers).....  :-)

I adore everything you've made!  I really want my own faux fur jacket, Coco blouse, and poncho! How lucky you can find wool so inexpensively there.  :)
I'm a nurse (to be - are currently wrinting my BA thesis and will hand it in May) so I won't be wearing my clothes at work as we get uniforms handed. I guess I will wear my clothes everywhere else. I live in the Capital of Denmark so anything goes - it takes A LOT for people to raise their brows at you ;)
Congradulations on your nursing career.. I am a retired Respiratory Therepist..  Love the hospital.. But your right..spent my life in uniforms,ha.. Really makes you enjoy "real clothes" ,when you get a chance to wear them.ha

Yeah it really does. Before I ventured into the world og healthcare I really wasn't into jewelry. After spending a few years in uniforms and strict rules about no rings, no nailpolish, not too much facial make-up, no sented deodorant/scents ect I'm now really enjoy wearing all those things when I'm not on dupty.

Today I'll be making the lining for my first self-drafted skirt! (psst go follow myCal Patch Challenge ;) )

Ann, looks like you did a good job with your skirt pattern.. And loved seeing  a picture of what your first singer machine looked like.That is amazing..
Thanks - I'm not done with the skirt yet, will be soon though. And the Singer  - I LOVED that machine. I can't count the meters sown on it - it must be Kilometers. I sowed everything you could think of - when I started making my own clothes (at age 10'ish) my mum up-grade me to one of her old machines though ;)
I have finally worn (in public) something I have made - yay! I wore the grey silk dress to the gala dinner at the Nullas Anxietas III convention and felt very happy in it. I think I will have to work out how to anchor the belt a little better, but on the whole, I was very pleased with it and it was most comfortable, unlike my shoes.


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