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My 'stashbusting' top went to work last Friday when we did a 'dress down day' in aid of the Red Cross.  A 'let out' version of, 'I should Coco' is going to Ladies Day at Newmarket races in July, complete with fascinator and hand-made gloves.  My multicoloured tunic is destined to be a swimsuit/beach cover up when I go on holiday.  Where and when have you worn your Sew Weekly creations? 

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Yes. My original plan was to make clothes that I could wear everyday, as well as the occassional number. I'm feeling rather plased with myself, as although my choice is limited I wear it all for weekends and days off work. I went away for the weekend and soley wore the clothes I made, it felt really good! Now I need just a little more choice.

 Yea..yea.. so proud of you.. Your  garments are fantstastic.. 

 I told my husband ,yesterday, That I was so proud of what I had made..It

is the first time in 25 yrs of sewing,that I have actually sewed for "me".I mean

I have occasionally sewed a dress or something for an occasion that I had to

have, but not like this.. So, I know how you feel ,when you say, "your rather pleased".

 ME  TOO!!

I wore my green dandelion blouse as soon as it was finished! LOL!
Love that blouse. Proud your getting to wear it.
if I made something that nice I'd wear it all the time!
@Judy & @Charlotte - Thank you so much! :)
I wear mine a lot.  :-)  I was wearing my Academy Awards outfit to work today, I wore my Ugly Patterns dress yesterday, and I wore my Green dress a couple of days ago.  I usually wear at least one of my outfits a week.  (Although I still haven't worn my Local Colour dress - I want to adjust the neckline a bit, and haven't gotten around to it yet.  All the others have been getting a decent amount of use, though.)  Most of mine get worn to work.
Glad to hear your ugly patterns dress has had an outing, I love it - your green one is a favourite too but the one I liked best was your psycho dress, really witty, have you worn that one out?
My psycho dress has had quite a few outings!  I've already worn it twice this month for Me Made March.  I think I may have to make up that pattern again in another type of fabric, since it's become a bit of a go-to dress!  :-)
You have made fantastic outfits! I really love your tulips dress and your local colour dress.
Thanks!  :-)
This is such a good question. On a personal level I'm trying to scale back and consume less so I really want to be thoughtful about what I make. I have had some good wins and some serious dogs that I hope just magically disappear. My biggest wins are (drum roll please) TUNICS…no surprise coming from me! I wear a lot of my projects to work. I have to dress "professionally" see how I've put that in quotes. I combine many consignment shop finds and handmade items to my daily wardrobe.


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