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My 'stashbusting' top went to work last Friday when we did a 'dress down day' in aid of the Red Cross.  A 'let out' version of, 'I should Coco' is going to Ladies Day at Newmarket races in July, complete with fascinator and hand-made gloves.  My multicoloured tunic is destined to be a swimsuit/beach cover up when I go on holiday.  Where and when have you worn your Sew Weekly creations? 

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Good question - I had been wondering when people wore their things, especially the vintage patterns ;0)


I wore my Valentine's dress (Colette crepe pattern) to a meal out with the girls, then 2 weeks later to an engagement party - it was much admired! Going green top stayed in my house for my little girl's third birthday party. I wore my windmill tunic out shopping yesterday.....

Love the question Marguerite.


 I wore my pink flower [inspiration from our hometown challenge] to church last Sunday..Got

many compliments and a few...You look like you have lost some weight..yea,yea..ha

 I wore  Valentine chalenge  vintage coral dress out to eat..  It was very comfortable and casual..

  I havent worn my crepe dress yet ..It has been too cool here.But cant wait to wear it..Love it.

 So, I have got plenty of chances to wear them.. It is nice to see my closet filling with new clothes.. fun..

Yep, I have warn them all...more then once:)

I've worn them all!

stashbusting dress - I'm not so keen on the fit.. but wore it to a family lunch anyway. - not sure I'll wear it again yet.

valentine dress - Worn to breakfast with my brother

academy awards dress - Worn to an out of town dinner with old friends

PJ's - Worn regularly

local colour dress - Worn to a 1st birthday party

Green dress - Worn for St patricks day and for vintage shopping on the weekend.. it's now on high rotation!

ugly pattern tees - Wore the lace one to a party on Saturday night


I'm happy to say that I have worn most of the things I have made. 


Coco - no, and probably will never wear it

Unrequited love - yes, to a cocktail party

Blue floral top - yes once, probably never again

Imitation dress - busting to wear it, as soon as it cools down enough

Stash busting - top, yes lots of times, pants only once - they are too big (need to fix that)

Valentine's Day - yes, lots of times

And the winner is - not yet, just waiting for the right occassion

Green - yes, and will wear it more as it cools down

Local Colour - yes - love it

Colette Challenge - Alexa wears them all the time

Ugly dress - not yet, but I will wear it


So out of 11 outfits, there is only 2 things that I will probably never wear - that's not too bad!  And to make it even sweeter - all my friends think I'm so clever ....... little do they know!!


Something absolutely nothing to do with this - just to let you know the "zoo" I live in - looking out my window and there is a HUGE goanna in my garden, there is a HUGER carpet snake in my shed, the cow is eating my garden and the chicken has decided to lay in my pot plants!  How lucky am I??

Glad the bloomers are getting some use!


PS what on earth is a goanna? I am imagining a large lizardy thing.

Yes - a goanna is a very large lizard ....  he looks a lot like this one!


omg! In your garden???? Is he dangerous? Wild or a pet? eeek!
He is wild and roams between my yard (which is 51/2 acres) and my neighbours.  I think he would only be dangerous if he was cornered.  He loves to steal eggs from the chicken shed.  He really is quite lovely (I'm just guessing it is a "he") - from a distance!

well I am glad he is in your garden and not mine!


you two girls have fabulous wildlife, but I'm with Judy, not keen on the snake (or the dinosaur goanna thing).... I have a small garden with a pond for hubbie's fish, my strawberry patch and that's about it ;0), definitely no goanna!

Pretty lucky I would say.ha.. Of course...I think the SNAKE can go....eeeeeh. I have squirrels taking my yard over, and beautiful wild ducks in my pond,chickens and rabbits in our barn..So, I think ...we are on the same planet.ha
Some deer have appeared here, though they are a bit noisy at night, hunting for mates.  Foxes barking too.  Other than that, it's just birds, though there have been green woodpeckers, a water rail and the usual pheasants.


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