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Have you sewn every pattern in your stash? Or do you hoard for a rainy day?

Hello All! I'm curious on how people treat their patterns. So time to confess...

Do you buy a pattern for a particular project, buy everything for it and sew it all up before you buy another?

Or do you buy 20 at a time and keep them until the day you find the perfect fabric or inspiration to recreate it?

I am the hoarder type... I have plenty of patterns unopened! Shameful I know!


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Oh No... Still have about 10 to try...
No, but I find I'm getting through them now at a fair rate of knots ... all this has been the perfect excuse to get them all done! 

HA! as if I ever could sew every pattern I own. I buy too many, I know. But, I figure, if it's on sale for $1.99, as they often are, and I've looked at it more than once in the pattern book, then, what's the harm?

I once included a pic of about 1/2 my pattern collection - in boxes - in a blog post. Which should give you some idea of the extent of the hoard.

When I'm ready to sew something, I usually check my patterns first (they're grouped by type of garment, so it's not as daunting as it looks), but I'm all for new patterns when they're on sale.

Eep! I have to stay away from the $1.99 pattern sales!  Far too tempting!  I file mine by garment type, too.

Oh, golly! I am a terrible pattern hoarder!! *shame* I have sewn several items from my pattern stash, but the bulk of them are unsewn.  I'm a sucker for vintage patterns (I have a $10 limit) as I find the quality is much better than the modern Big Four ones available.  I love independent pattern companies like Sewaholic and Colette Patterns


I  am trying to sew exclusively from my pattern stash and to only buy with a particular project in mind. 

hands down hoarder :) but I always go to my pattern stash first!  I seem to (not surprisingly) be lacking in really easy dresses/patterns to make! hahaheha...


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