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Have you sewn every pattern in your stash? Or do you hoard for a rainy day?

Hello All! I'm curious on how people treat their patterns. So time to confess...

Do you buy a pattern for a particular project, buy everything for it and sew it all up before you buy another?

Or do you buy 20 at a time and keep them until the day you find the perfect fabric or inspiration to recreate it?

I am the hoarder type... I have plenty of patterns unopened! Shameful I know!


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Oh heck no, I hoard and it's like candy, I get so excited about something and then the next pattern catches my eye and I get all glossy eyed over that one and what I can do with it, pretty soon I have 5 projects lined up. So hoarder am I of all things pattern (and fabric…buttons…trim)!
I would say I go to my stash first but if I see something I love created by someone else I will search it out as will as fashion inspiration. Sometimes nothing in the stash inspires me and then the door is wide open for something new.

I definitely am the Hoarder... I am so bad..I buy lots and lots of patterns, fabrics  and notions.. I hate to confess, but I have bought patterns, got home, only to discover, I already have that particular pattern..The reason this happens...I have so many, I dont know what I have.ha

   I have recently discovered vintage patterns..and now ,I am on a new hunt.. And yes...going overboard..but it is so much fun.. Almost  as much fun ,as  seeing the finished garment...once you sew that special pattern.

Answer to second part of the question:  Yes. I always go to my stash first... and lots of times ,I find just what I was looking for.......... So..its very nice to have a stash...

You go and have fun, Judy!! Half of the thrill, at least for me, is the hunt!
Hoarder - absolutely! Especially since I discovered patterns in Op Shops. And I have nearly 20 years of  Burda mags that I like to pore over. I will make everything ... one day ... maybe .....
I hoard any I can get my hands on! I keep them of all sizes too.  I then also buy particulat patterns if I can not find something from the stash.

Does everyone go to their stash to look first? I forgot to put that in the question. If I think I have something then I might have a look. But normally I'm straight on the internet looking for something else.

For example I own gotta be 18 Vogues from last season sale. I have never made one Vogue pattern in my life!


I tend to go to my stash first as, odds are, I've already got what I'm looking for.  I have a lot of Simplicity and Butterick, as well as Colette, Sewaholic, and Folkwear patterns.  I have several women's Ottobre magazines, but the tracing makes my eyes cross!
I'm a MAJOR hoarder and proud of it! I always go to the stash first though so I feel it's absolutely fine to hoard like crazy. I also hoard buttons and lace and fabric...
Oh, I am SO BAD for buttons!!
I am  a hoarder.  I don't have a huge stash of patterns or fabric, but it's growing.


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