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I don't think we do halloween in the UK like you do in the US. It's basically kids (under 10 years old) dressed up a witches and ghosts. That's kind of it. We might also carve a pumpkin, although this is a new idea, when I was young we just carved a swede (!).


So I would love to know your thoughts on what you have made in the past for halloween and what we could be aiming at for the upcoming challenge..........





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Maybe you could do some kids clothing? I made my son a skelleton pajama last year just for fun.

Or you could make something inspired by a scary movie?

While Halloween is not really part of german culture it seams to become popular here over the last few years.

On the other hand some close friends of mine have made a trdition to have a halloween party so I will sew a costume for me, but I'm already thinking about how I can modifie it so it can be worn as a regular dress afterwards. I always love to do a new costume, but it seams a bit wasteful to only wear it once.

Nora, I actually  made my twin grandaughters  halloween fabric dresses to wear to school.. they are not costumes ,but holiday oriented..So, I think, I may just post those pictures as my challenge.. wow...for once, I would be ahead of the challenge..hahaha
Well it use to be a very kid focused occasion when I was growing up (states) but now lots of people like to have adult parties. I still prefer the innocent Halloween for kids and really enjoyed making my daughter costumes, butterfly one year, a ladybug another year...

But I'm with all of you, play off the colors...I really like gray and orange together...not quite Halloween but still kinda close! Thanks for the good inspiration!
Me too, Cathe. My children were princesses, little red riding hood, Cow girls/boys,  Hulk,  spiderman..What fun to make them costumes. I did  an angel costume for a little girl who was chronically ill  ,who wanted a costume, even though she was in the hospital for Halloween.She was thrilled,when i mailed it straight to the hospital..
I'm not a costume person myself, but we need them for Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party at Disney this year, so I'll  be subjecting you all to pictures of me and the husband as characters from 'UP!"

I love Halloween and get dressed up just about every year.  Last year I made my costume, but typically I've always done store-bought before that.  Last year I was an owl (, but this year I think I'm going to be Little Bo Peep and my husband will be a sheep.  ;)  I just bought the textured wool fabric for his costume yesterday.  I haven't officially decided on a pattern for mine though I have a few in my stash that would work.  


@Anne - I've never been to the Mickey's Halloween party, but we have season passes... I just don't know if we'll be able to get to SoCal for it.  I would love to though!  Have you been before?  I love that you're going to be characters from Up!

We love it!  The parade and fireworks are our fav all year. We've been Jungle Cruise Skippers previously....
The owl is great, you should post it even if you sewed it last year. I once was a raven for halloween but I can't find a photo...
Oh that's so cute!

Thanks for all the answers so far ;0)


What I am getting from this is that a halloween outfit doesn't have to actually have anything to do with halloween / scary things. My little girl is going to her friend's for halloween tea and will go as a witch. (Last year she was a witch too). Most Halloween costumes are: ghost, ghoul, dracula, witch etc.have seen Franenstein's monster. I That's about it. Cathe - a butterfly? a ladybug? that sounds so so cute but wouldn't cut the mustard here! Anne's owl is lovely too but we wouldn't use that as an outfit I don't think. I could be wrong - what do other Brits think?


It is not a big deal for adults here as far as I know. It is becoming a bigger deal I think as we copy our transatlantic cousins. When I was young I never saw an adult dressed up.......


I do have an idea now though! xx

"When I was young I never saw an adult dressed up........"

There did used to be a thing about 'Vicars & Tarts'  fancy dress parties in the eighties

tee hee, I never saw anyone dressed like that either ;0)


come to think of it I once saw my aunt dressed as Andy Pandy in the 80s, it wasn't for halloween though ..... 


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