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I've just posted a photo of my fabric finds but am really curious about what everyone else chose.  What did you get?

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I try to get opposite season fabrics because they tend to be cheaper and in styles that dont run of fashion.

I got 2 types of wool at £5 per metre.


oh WOW! Wool at £5/metre?  I totally missed that store!!!

ooooh Yummy I had been saving and went a bit mad!


I have individual pictures of them here... 

Such a brilliant day Thankyou to everyone for making it so lovely!

wow....  so many amazing fabrics... cannot wait to see what they will turn out.

Oh and thanks for the tip on how to buy fabric. xx

Gosh - you'll be busy!
I got these, the colour on the jersey in the middle hasn't come out very well, its a really nice purple.
Ohh I saw the little doves one! Very Pretty!!!

ohhhhhhhh love purple.


I love the doves one too!  I never saw anything like this - it's really interesting what people managed to find.

I got some fabulous tana lawn:

any pattern in mind ?
Definitely some sort of late 30's/early 40's dress!  It's got a nice drape and is lightweight....hmmm...I think I'll have to go through my patterns tonight ;)


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