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Hi All

Hubby's beeing sent to Nashville for work. He's bringing us (DD and I) along and we'll stay an extra week once he's done with his work-stuff (not all written in stones yet).


Now what can't I miss while I'm there - where's the best thrift store/markeds (fairs) - best fabric-stores? Pin-up clothing stores. And what to do with a 3 yo all day ;)


ALL advise are appriciated!


Ann (going to the the States for the first time ever!)


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Oh!  Let me dig through my old emails. There's a lot of fab fabric and thrift stores in Nashville.  I went there to see the "Golden Age of Couture" exhibit.
YAY!!! Thanks! :D

Have you gone yet?  I totally fell through on getting you info, I'm so sorry!  Here is what a helpful native sent me:


- go honky tonkin' on lower broadway! def a fun way to spend your saturday night, although the honky tonks go on pretty much all day if you're not a late-night-out-drinker kind of person. my roommate and i go at least a few times a month haha. the best bars are robert's western world and layla's bluegrass inn (which are pretty much next door to each other; on the block of 5th and broadway); they play really good original country and bluegrass. tootsie's and paradise park are fun too, but be prepared to spend a little more on drinks and be subject to a lot of cover songs.
- textile fabrics on 8th ave is the best fabric store in nashville. they are open on saturday.
- vintage stores to check out: local honey (they also sell local designers :3) on 12th, the hip zipper in east nashville 5 points, venus & mars in belmont (i guess that's karen elson's store?) and flashback & in pieces both on elliston.
- if you like country music and you have a little cash to spare, there is a great exhibit on tammy wynette at the country music hall of fame. i think it is $20 to get in.

Also, check out the FRIST MUSEUM. They have wonderful exhibits there all the time.

We are going in July or August . Tat is IF we're going - DH's boss is still working on it..., I so want to go - so I'm crossing my fingers that there's no cooperation between Vanderbilt Uni and DTU (where DH works).

Thank you so much for all that info - I really REALLY hope we'll get to use it!


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