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I'm participating in part of the May Giveaway Day and I'm giving away one of my favorite dresses, my wedding shower dress aka a 1950's Prom Dress.


It has been sitting in my closet for 2 years and as much as I don't want to part with it, I feel worse that it's just sitting in there collecting dust when it could be used and loved by someone else.  

All you have to do is leave me a comment on my blog zilredloh by midnight, May 25th.  I have more images and size information on my blog also.


Good Luck!


P.S. I really hope it's kosher that I'm posting on Sew Weekly's Circle about my giveaway.  If not, could someone kindly let me know for future instances...


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I totally agree with Cathe..You did an outstanding  job ,picking the winner.. I read her story.and It really touched me.I know she will so apprecaite the dress and I am so exited that she and her husband can dress up ..even though their budget is stretched at the moment.I pray that  her husband finds his dream job soon..

  You are an awsome lady to share such a prized possesion..

It was fun and I'm sure you are glad too. I really appreciate you taking us along for the ride, it was great!

To finish things off, Clare's partner ended up getting his dream job after all!!! Isn't that great news?!


I wrote up a bit more on my blog zilredloh, but wanted to give you guys the scoop since you may have been following along on my blog's mini drama.  :)

Oh.. I am sooooo excited that he got his job..  Yea..YEA... Thankyou for sharing the good news with us.. I apprecaite that.

Oh my goodness this is such a happy ending to the lucky dress! I'm so happy for Clare and Russ!That was the best mini drama I've lived through in a really long time! Thank you Liz!


Now can they send a picture all dressed up with the dress? That might be pushing my luck!

I really can't believe the windfall of good news they had, all within 3 days or so.  They really deserve to party and have a nice meal out to celebrate.


I, too, hope they do send a picture.  :) 



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