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We're working with Colette Patterns this week and sharing our Spring Palette! Get 15% off in March by using the code: SWSPRING at the Colette Patterns shop. Or sew this free bloomers pattern from CP

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Here's my spring palette:


Here's a picture of my Spring Palette:


So far I've made 3 out of 5 of the outfits.   In case the colors aren't coming through, they're green, navy blue and tied together with a light grey.

I love your inspiration board - can't wait to see it all finished! The fabric for the "siren" dress is perfect. I'd never heard of the "Decades of Style" pattern company.... I think I need some!
Hi Amanda, I looked at your blog.. you have made some really cute stuff.. and I see where you are in alot of sew alongs.. I am impressed.. Keep up the good work.

@Mena - Your palette is mouth-watering! Love it :)


@Christine - What a beautiful palette! You're so productive!


@Amanda D - I really love that peacock fabric for the wrap front dress.


Here's my palette, which has been tweaked a bit since my original plan:


Revised Spring Palette


I'm working on the Parfait dress for this week's challenge.

this looks so beautifull, very inspiring. I really like the blue and red bird material, also the far left and middle patterns I'm not sure which are my favourite. Do you intend to make all this or is some of it inspiration ?

Hi Sarah,

   I just love your choices.. I love reds.. had the michael miller fabric on sale last week, 15% off.. I just had to buy the aqua /red bird one, [after seeing it on the spring palette challenge ].. Your board just intriqued me,ha. anyway,It came yesterday and I love it,love it.. Not sure what I will make with it yet?? [waiting on Mena's next challenge..and see if maybe it will fit that occasion??? It will come in one day or it will be my "special treat,".ha.

  Happy Sewing,Judy

I tried the mini bloomers pattern for this week's challenge.  Didn't really work out so well, although I think the fabric choice may have been part of the problem - too much like granny pants!  I blogged about them here.  Oh well, guess all the challenges can't go well for all of us, right?  ;-)



Here's my spring palette (with more of an autumn focus as I'm down under).


I tried to put this together weeks ago, but just couldn't work out how to do it.  After many hours today, this is what I've come up with (all images courtesy of Polyvore):


I planned to make at least one dress, capri pants and some tops.  I have already done the dress (valentine's challenge) and one top and pants (sew from your stash challenge) - so I am half way there!  I will make the Oolong dress when the pattern arrives and then hopefully one other top - design still to be decided.


I seriously need to get someone to show me how to do design on the computer!!

I think your doing pretty well on the design front, and brilliantly on getting all those garments made up. When you put past clothes together you realise you'r building up quiet a collection.
Thanks Charlotte.  I am having so much fun with these challenges (if not devoting a little too much time to it), and most things I have made I have worn already, and loved .... so worthwhile.  I am so inspired by everyone within this "community".
I know, everyone is producing lovely clothes and I really do feel a part of a 'community' or group that are there for each other. I think if you wear it and love it then the time and effort has been well spent.


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