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Ladies (and gents) - I need your help! I'm really considering going to the Gatsby meetup in California next weekend, but I need to figure out an outfit.  I initially had scoffed at the idea thinking 'there's no way I can come up with a 20's outfit... it's so not my body shape!'  But now, I really want to go and meetup with everyone.


So I'm trying to see if I can scrounge up an outfit in a week.  I found a picture of this sailor inspired outfit and was thinking of something similar.



I have my Highland dance Sailor blouse, and I can probably whip up a white skirt to go along.  Here's a 'mock-up'.  The blouse is the one I would use, the skirt is not:


Then of course, tights and shoes.  What do you think?  I could make a dress from the Sense and Sensibility Edwardian pattern (image below) but with only a week (and some other things to work on), I'd rather just make a simple skirt.


Honest opinions please!  Thanks for your help! I have dance competitions all weekend so it's going to seriously cut into my sewing time.  All of the other dresses I've previously made don't have a long enough hem and are generally not in the 20s style.


Thanks again,



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Having been a number of times, you will do fine with the sailor blouse. As long as you look somewhat period you wont be scoffed at. They also have a dress up booth but I am not sure of what the rules are with that. It will be nice to meet you.



I am looking to make this, but am stuck on fabric choice and the clock is ticking.
Oh I love it!  And thanks for the feedback :) I was furiously searching for ideas of what I could make and ran out to the fabric store at lunch.  I picked up some fabric to make a white skirt for the sailor outfit, but also found Vogue 8241 thinking I could modify it slightly to be more towards that era.  I'm still nervous about going as the hubby has zero interest in this and as I'm making him go with me to the Scottish Highland Games this weekend... all weekend... I feel like I should probably let him off the hook.  So I'll be alone, but am really excited to meet other Sew Weekly bloggers. :)
I will be visiting with the Sew Weekly crowd, but I also have some friends who always have great theme based camps. One year they were all maids and butlers:) There is plenty of wondering and people watching as well a tours and a guy who gives free ice cream out of his vintage Dryers truck:)
Christine, cut to the chase, with limited time, go with the simple skirt. Your sailor blouse is lovely and I love your reference picture. You want to have fun and not go crazy, I think your solution is perfect!
Perfect advice from Cathe.I agree totally.. Use your pretty sailor blouse, go with a simple white skirt , and I think ,you will be just perfect.. Have fun.
Thanks ladies! I'm going to see if I can make the white skirt tonight. If I'm still not satisfied, I have a couple of backup plans that I could possibly sew, but I'd rather focus my time on learning to do a finger wave.  So fingers crossed that the white skirt comes out! ;)

Ok, so my white skirt didn't pan out.  I didn't like the patterns that I was finding.  I was trying to decide between Vogue 8241 (but the fabric I found was shiny, and not matte... a 'no-no' according to the site), and Mena's Society Sorbetto, when I saw Stacey's post on Butterick 5417.  I thought 'why don't I just check out that pattern to see what I think' and everything just fell into place.  I found a nice chiffon fabric, and some silk underlining.  The only problem? I've never worked with chiffon.  I spent all of my free time this weekend working on the dress and I think I'm happy with the end result.  Regardless, I'll be wearing that to the Gatsby picnic and if I don't like how it looks, I'll make sure my parasol blocks it in all of the pictures ;)


Thanks for all of your advice and suggestions! I'm starting to get excited for the event, and anxious work on potential hairstyles.

I finished my Gatsby dress and went to the event this weekend.  I spent the day with Mena and Debi and met the lovely Shannon while I was there.  Thanks so much Shannon for the dress advice! I had a great time and can't wait to do it again next year.




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