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My sewing machine is still not working properly and is on its way to the rubbish tip if it doesn't improve very very soon. It has one final chance this morning but if the engineer can't sort it out once and for all I am getting a new one before I also lose my sanity!


Someone posted a link a bit ago to sewing machine reviews but I can't find it again, if anyone has that link I'd be grateful.


The shop I am going to for a new machine has a special offer on Frister + Rossmann machines. The one I fancy looks good on the net but I have never heard of this company. Any thoughts?



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Okay that was so satisfing with excellent results. Charlotte we all need to do this again! Haha
YEA..YEA.YEA....I am soooooooooooooooooooo happy for you..  I just are beaming.. Hope you have lots of fun.. and see how nice it sew and not have to work on a  darn machine..  You have a very sweet,sweet mama.. You will never forget this birthday present and neither will she..  Happiness for you both..

Thanks all for your good wishes, I am still just at the stroking the machine stage, Mr T and I spent last night on a TV marathon, so no sewing. I have class tonight, I may take the new machine if I can have a go on it today and work out the basics ;0)


I may even finish last week's challenge now!

yea.yea. have fun.. Isn't it hard to get the nerve to venture into that "new" sewing machine?

I am always "afraid" of  messing something

 but with your Janome-- you dont have to worry,  it handles everything.. Happy sewing.


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