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My sewing machine is still not working properly and is on its way to the rubbish tip if it doesn't improve very very soon. It has one final chance this morning but if the engineer can't sort it out once and for all I am getting a new one before I also lose my sanity!


Someone posted a link a bit ago to sewing machine reviews but I can't find it again, if anyone has that link I'd be grateful.


The shop I am going to for a new machine has a special offer on Frister + Rossmann machines. The one I fancy looks good on the net but I have never heard of this company. Any thoughts?



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This discussion is so funny, OK, I can't speak for all the British people, but as far as I am concerned:


For names for the small items of underwear that go underneath your skirt or trousers:


women wear pants or knickers.

men wear pants, boxers (but these are a certain sort of underwear made of cotton fabric) but not knickers, could call it briefs but we don't much in our house.


My husband also refers to his underwear as trolleys. I have no idea why, he is from Manchester and it must be a local thing, he has a strong local accent.


For me, the main term is pants which personally I would never use to mean trousers but some British people do, it is starting to be more popular, I have seen Charlotte P-B use the term pants for trousers on this forum, but I don't know if she does normally, she might have only put it because she knows that's what you Americans say. I only remember it because I was surprised she didn't say trousers.


I also say things are pants to mean they are rubbish (this is a quite common phrase), for example: my sewing machine is completely pants.


Anyway, I am not dressed yet, checking this in my dressing gown, so I'm off to have a shower and put my pants on!


PS what are foundations?
How fancy, "dressing gown"!

I'm going to have to give consideration to how and when I use the word "pants"' I like it!

One more for the men..."trunks"!

Or "Y-fronts",  my DH refers to his as "shreddies" - I have no idea why or where he gets the term from.


Personally I wear "scanties", unless I am trying to hold everything in then it is "Big Pantie Woman" time.  Does anyone else remember the song 'I like to dance with a big pantie woman'?  it was popular on the Sarah Kennedy morning show on Radio 2 about 12 years ago.

lol, y-fronts, I'd forgotten

My hubbie has been known to say shreddies - I have no idea why either


we call big pants Bridget Joneses after the film where she wears them ;0)

Oh How funny... Y'fronts..  or shreddies..never heard that before..hahaha.

Charolette t.. can you imagine when I walk in  a store and ask where are you sheddies or y- fronts..the girls will REALLY think ,I am nuts..

This is tooo funny...

not another one Cathe! -  a dressing gown isn't fancy, it's just what you put over your nightie or pyjamas when you get up and go down for breakfast ie before you get dressed - maybe you call it a robe???? it doesn't mean anything posh, I have 2, one cotton one for when it's hot and a fluffy one for when it is cold.


Is it a robe?

PS I know you spell them pajamas ;0)
Yes, around here it's a robe, but dressing gown sounds so classy. From now on it's a dressing gown! Thanks for steppin' me up!
I wasn't going to say a thing about the spelling of pjs...that might just open another door of fun discussions!
tee hee ;0)

I think you're right, I've heard of  'trolleys' in the North.  But you forgot 'undercrackers' Charlotte!


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