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My sewing machine is still not working properly and is on its way to the rubbish tip if it doesn't improve very very soon. It has one final chance this morning but if the engineer can't sort it out once and for all I am getting a new one before I also lose my sanity!


Someone posted a link a bit ago to sewing machine reviews but I can't find it again, if anyone has that link I'd be grateful.


The shop I am going to for a new machine has a special offer on Frister + Rossmann machines. The one I fancy looks good on the net but I have never heard of this company. Any thoughts?



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Hadn't thought of that way...ha.

  It is a  really simple basic ..but good machine.. Hope it keeps on keeping on.Ha


 I so understand the brother machine frustration.I had 2 or 3 of them ,before my  Janome.. and they were awful..I will just tell you..I dont think the tension EVER works..  I bought the last one new..and in no time the tension was a mess. the more I worked on it, the worse it got.. FRUSTRATING!!! So..dont think ,it is something your doing wrong.Its not.Its the machine.

  you will love the Janome. Mine [like Caseys] is just the basic machine..But it runs great..

 on mine..when I switch to zig zag. I do have to change the  stitch knobs.. but mine has a  picture above each zig zag stitch..and tells you what stitch it needs.. never a problem..  Hope this helps..

   Like Casey...I got offered a new "nicer" machine for Christmas.I told my husband,'NO..this one runs great.. no problems with it, and  I want to run it ,till it dies.ha"

Happy sewing maching hunting..

I too have a Janome - I up-graded this year, or rather, bought a Janome in addition to my Husqvarna which I love and adore and will never get rid of. I wasn't game to get a new Husqvarna as there are no dealers in my town and I thought it better to go with something that service and help can be readily provided.


But I love having two machines. The Janome does the majority of my sewing now but the Husqvarna is invaluable when it comes to invisible zips, basting, sewing on buttons (Janome is not very good at that) and is a great little machine for taking to a class.


If yo have the space, two machines is heaven.

I got a Janome 8077 in January after reading this review and I love it! It is just a fab machine. Nothing too fancy and I don't think that it was that expensive either. I think I've touched the tension on it once or twice and that was only because I'd miss-threaded the bobin and hadn't noticed. The only other problems I've had with it is a bit of a hissy fit (Yes Judy we use that phrase, hehe) with the feed dogs at one point, which I randomly fixed but flicking buttons, and it goes a little odd if the thread breaks half way through sewing, but re-threading both needle and bobin from the start fixes that.


Oh and Charlotte I change my stitches about loads and I don't touch the tension.  I used to have to test it and adjust on my old machine (a Toyota) for the first sew of a project but after that I could change stitches and not have to adjust it.


Good luck with the search and I hope you find one that suits. Read lots of reviews and go with the machine that feels right for you.

I think I must have dropped lucky or something with my machine.  I've had it for nearly 20 years.  It's labelled 'New Home' on the front but the manufacturer on the back of the machine is 'Janome '.  It's great - mine's nothing too fancy either, just does straight, zig zag, overlock and a couple of other stitches but that's all I need really (and less to go wrong!)  Fingers crossed it'll keep going for a few more years yet.  I had it serviced a while ago and it was all fine and in working order.  So I'd recommend Janome based on that. 

Diane, Mine actuall says New Home on it too.. but it is a Janome..  Hope mine goes for 20 yrs..This one has been used to death ,and still runs like a dream..

Hi Kirsty....Hissy Fit.. is an all around wording then.hahaha

Well thank you to the members of  JAS (Janome Appreciation Society) who have commented ;0)


To make you appreciate your Janomes even more I will be visiting each of your houses with my Brother machine (not my actual brother: he can't sew) and make you all make a dress each on it. Then you will all be counting your lucky stars. It sounds as though I have been struggling on in the mistaken belief that everyone had similar issues with their machines when they just don't.


I have read your comments out to my husband (normally the tightest man in the northern hemisphere, refuses to buy new pants (not trousers, underwear, whatever men wear under their trousers, I have a feeling it's not called panties for men - Judy???? Cathe????) even though the elastic is showing through, won't spend out on anything) and even he has said I should get a Janome. Although this may be because my mother will pay so it won't cost him a bean.


So thank you all heaps, I will call the engineer guy tomorrow and ask him for that test drive of the Janome he mentioned. (Although I do hope he stays alive long enough to service any machine I get, unlike Judy's poor engineer....)


Wish me luck! Thanks everyone x

"briefs" yep that's they are called...brief for what???
funny... brief for what????   Can you imagine calling it Mens panties.hahahhaha
I dun'no…briefs for the quick fly??? How about boxers what's that all about??? I think they should be called mean's panties or foundations…what are they called in the UK???

ha,ha,ha... You have been off work to long..........................Your brain is working


 Mean's panties or Foundations???..I will have to remember those....

 Ok.. Charolette T.. we KNOW you are not going to say anything mean...[your on the prowl  for a good bday present.hee-hee]. But what are mens drawers , briefs, underwear, boxers  called in the UK??


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