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I was just reading my twitter feed when I came across the little beautiful link


Its for a free colette pattern for a lovely top, I cant wait to run one of these up.

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Thanks Sarah, how fabulous! I am very excited. Great find.
I just saw this and downloaded it too. Not sure it will suit me. Its a bit boxy but perhaps with some slight adjustments this could be a quick top to run up!
That looks like a really useful top - thanks!
I am so excited about this!  I've just printed it off and am already plotting what fabric I am going to use :)
Cool - I've downloaded it as well.
Thank you Sarah! It's a really cute shirt and I think I will download it, perfect for summer!
Thankyou for sharing the free info with us.. I will go and check it out..

I just printed out the pattern and it's really pretty cute I may have to sew one up this weekend! I love the idea of using a fun bias tape, perhaps with a polka dot pattern on the trim.



oooh cute idea...polka dot bias taper... love that idea
Just to confirm I am addicted to this pattern. It is so fun to make and "easy breezy"!
If you don't know by now, I love this pattern. I've made three and thinking about my fourth and then Oona brought on a new dimension, a dress and Judy brought on another dimension, sleeves and buttons. I noticed on Colette's website They have taken the pleat out for another new look, here's the post:

Hey Cathe,

  I saw that.. Another cute idea.. and I saw yet another version [on someone's blog..and I cant remember where I saw it,sorry]..But they had done an inverted pleat in the front..Super cute and different.. Happy sewing,


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