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If you haven't a good idea about what to make for this week's theme, you might like to have a look at the website below.


I found this for a 1-hour flapper's dress - I've had a play with it and while it has taken me more than one hour, I can see that it would be done in that time frame if you are suitably organised.

There is a price for the download, but I'm happy with what I received in the download.


I'll post the pic of my dress with me wearing it, if I'm feeling brave lol, else Gertie will be resplendent in it. Cheers, Jen



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ooooh a one hour dress, that's about how much time I have this week!  might have a crack!
That download looks great!
I look forward to seeing your creation!
Looks good - I'd love to see the finished item.
Thanks All :-)  It was a little harder than anticipated mainly due to terminology. My effort (such as it is) is under the 'gatsby' photo tag.


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