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How do you guys carve out time to sew? Mine involves a six pack, a hammock and plan to bet my husband into both on Sundays so I can get to my sewing!

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Yes I'm with all of you, husband,4 boys, dog, chickens, garden,working 4 days la la la the list goes on. To be honest I don't know how I fit it in, but I do! I have no hard and fast rules, but because I'm often thinking about my projects when I'm busy doing other stuff I know what my next step will be, this means when I do get some time I'm on the case straight away.


  ooooh stress...we need a few more hours ,dont we.. I too.. think about my projects  that I am going to do while doing chores.. I also.... go to sleep at night----planning my next project..[wonder If I dont dream about them,hahaha]

   Happy sewing...when we find the time.

I laughed so hard at this, Sarah. I wish we had a place to put a hammock, because I'd copy your idea and probably have the whole day to myself! Sadly, I don't have any advice when it comes to making time. Well, I've found football (both NFL and Premier League) season is a great time to get stuff done.


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