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Looking at Cathe's and Mena's discussions about clothes worn by ourselves when we were young and people who have influenced us, I wondered what favourite 'vintage' photos members of the sewing circle had to share. I was going through old photos with my mum last night in preparation for the challenge next week and these are what we found amongst them. She used to make the majority of her own clothes - my favourite is the polka dot dress, which my mum said she made from, 'a scrap of fabric'. The coloured photo is one she tinted herself with a kit that was around at the time. Maybe we could have a challenge based on our favourite photo from times gone by ...

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you really do look like your mum cathe, the photos are lovely.
Oh thank you Charlotte, that is so sweet of you!
I can tell you got the same elegance... I just love the oversize coat !!!!
Thanks Rachel, I can only hope my Mom's taste has rubbed off on me. I think she has always had a relaxed but refined style.
Im sure it did !!! 
Gosh Cathe - your mum looks like a film star - Bette Davis and Mia Farrow spring to mind!
I tell you, it's women in the 40s, always so put together!
I agree. And they did all the house work and looked always immactulate. I walk today on the streets and see so many ladies in track suits and I think to myself.. where is the self worth gone??
Isn't it a little odd how times have changed so much or what represents beauty today verses a few decades ago? It seems like everything has become extreme in a way.


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