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I attempted to order some fabric from Denver Fabrics because they were having a huge sale and seem to be associated with Fashion Fabrics Club (which many people seem to be happy with?). They're apparently having issues processing my order and as such, I received an email stating the problem as well as this tidbit: 

"If you are ordering items that are on sale and the problem cannot be fixed by the sale expiration date, teh regular price will be charged for the fabric"

Well...yesterday was the end of the sale. I guess this means I'm being charged extra? Which I refuse to pay, if that is the case, I'd rather just cancel the order. 

Has anyone every ordered from FFC or DF and if so, what has been your experience? This just strikes me as weird and hinky. 

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I didn't even bother to try and return the fire-cone orange fabric as I knew I'd be losing money. I figure my mother quilts, she can probably use it in quilting. 

I'm really surprised that they haven't changed their service. It sounds like there are enough complaints that it would warrant a hard look at how they conduct business. Needless to say, I'm not ordering from them ever again. 

Maybe they thought dressing as a mermaid counted as a special occasion.  Not good for you though, so sorry Sweet.


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