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I attempted to order some fabric from Denver Fabrics because they were having a huge sale and seem to be associated with Fashion Fabrics Club (which many people seem to be happy with?). They're apparently having issues processing my order and as such, I received an email stating the problem as well as this tidbit: 

"If you are ordering items that are on sale and the problem cannot be fixed by the sale expiration date, teh regular price will be charged for the fabric"

Well...yesterday was the end of the sale. I guess this means I'm being charged extra? Which I refuse to pay, if that is the case, I'd rather just cancel the order. 

Has anyone every ordered from FFC or DF and if so, what has been your experience? This just strikes me as weird and hinky. 

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I would call their customer service and complain. They are pretty sensitive to their online rep, so should be willing to work with you.

They sent me an email informing me that they were alerted to my post here on Sew Weekly; apparently the email was an error and they're changing how they communicate with customers.  

That's weird, Tina. I hope it all gets resolved and you can get your fabric. It's just plain mean to keep us from our ordered fabric. :)

Told ya. :)

I ordered from Fashion Fabrics Club twice and both times it was a dreadful, unmitigated disaster.  

First time I ordered a gorgeous silk dupion with a bird print.  It never arrived...never arrived...never arrived.  I called to ask.  "Oh, we sold out of that so your order was cancelled".  Yeah?  Well, the charge is still on my credit card!  5 weeks after the order was placed they finally reversed the order.  

Second time I ordered 10 yards of silk ottoman.  Instead of ottoman, I received a weird knit silk.  When I called to complain they said "Well, it has a rib in it, that makes it ottoman."  Ottoman is a specific weave.  So I sent it back for a refund.  They claim they never got it and wouldn't refund, despite the fact that I had the receipt from posting proving it was delivered to them!!!  So I was out of fabric, and out of money.

And I hope they see this and try to resolve some of this, because nothing else worked.  Failing that, I hope it looses them future customers.  Their service sucks, and I'd hate that anyone else should have to go through what I went through.

Yeah.  I'm seconding the "FF service sucks" sentiment.  Truly.

I order from them sometimes because I WANT what they have and until fairly recently Brisbane didn't have a decent apparel fabric store.  But they are kind of weird and hinky in general.  Very "our way or the high way."  Rather inflexible and ridiculous about international shipping, usually they charge as much for shipping my way as for the fabric itself.  Which is unusual. 

But yeah... Weird and hinky are good words to describe them...

Yeah... I haven't gotten my fabric yet. I'm interested to see how long it takes to get here. I'm not certain I'll order from them again. Their shipping is kinda astronomical even here in the USA! Rather than any sort of discount--which seams to be the norm with other places of equal caliber--they charge more.  As a person sewing on a budget (who isn't?) this doesn't really suit. So... we'll see. 

I'm glad you brought this up. I've ordered from them quite a bit over the past year, usually with no problems. The last time I ordered from them though I found that were shipping my order to my old address - even though I had received shipments from them to my current address at least twice before and I specifically remember correcting it when I ordered. I called customer service and they were insistent that it was my fault and the only way I could get my order was to wait for the shipment to be returned to them and then pay shipping again. I told them to just give me a refund. That was in February. I just checked my bank account and I still haven't been refunded. Well whoop de doo, guess who's getting a call from me tomorrow!

It wouldn't bother me so much if their service had been friendlier. The package was still in transit so I don't see why they couldn't have just called UPS and given them the new address. I checked my account on their website and my address was correct there so I have no idea where the old one came from. There have been a couple other instances where the fabric had quality issues. It really makes me sad because they have a fairly nice selection and frequent sales. I don't think I'll be ordering from them again.

I'm not certain I'd order from them again. I don't think their costumer service is that great--and it sounds like my experience may be on the more gentle end of the CS experience! I thought it took a ridiculously long time for my package to get to me--I ordered on 3/13 and didn't receive my order until 3/24. That's 11 days! Also, I find their shipping costs to be ridiculous. Most places either give you free shipping when you spend over X amount, or decrease shipping when you spend over X amount. They increase quite dramatically. 

I'm not happy with the color of a fabric I bought. Online it looked kind of dark salmon orange-pink but turned out to be traffic cone orange. It sounds like, though, that returning the fabric is going to be a hassle and probably won't result  in a refund of my money, but rather a credit to my account. Which is not beneficial, as I don't want a credit. 

So... if anyone is looking for a traffic cone orange swiss-dot lawn...  

They were great for me up until the middle of last year. Then they sent me fabric that was god-awful compared to the description. I sent it back for a refund, which really turned out to be about %30 of what I paid due to shipping/restocking fees. I haven't ordered from them since. 

The fabric I ordered from this company was described as:

"Sheer Charcoal Silk Organza Fabric Embroidered with Circular Medallion Design Suitable for Dresses, Special Occasion & Overlays 100%Silk 45" wide Hand Wash Cold or Dry Clean Usually $30.00/yd" (

The fabric I received was a very hard and stiff synthetic fiber which was clearly not silk. Also, the fabric I received has a starfish motif however, the picture on the website doesn't show the starfish motif nor is it mentioned in the description, only the circular medallion is mentioned in the description and captured in the picture.  The starfish motif does not make it suitable for a special occasion garment which is also stated in the description. In addition, the company refused to pay the return shipping on this merchandise therefore, I had to pay $14.35 to return the fabric to Fashion Fabrics Club. This company misrepresents its merchandise and has a poor reputation for customer service. I filed a complaint with the US Postal Inspector and the Better Business Bureau. On the BBB website other customers have filed similar complaints. I encourage anyone who has had problems with Fashion Fabrics Club/Denver Fabrics to file a complaint with these regulatory agencies. 


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