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Where do you go for your inspiration? Do you work pattern to fabric or fabric and then pattern? It is always what I grapple with. Do I try and find something for that dreamy fabric or do I hunt for the fabric to make the one pattern I dream off?

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I buy both, too much. I then if I'm in a clever mood can match a pair, if not I have to hunt for more of the right fabric or the right pattern to make the perfect match. It feels like a hugh game of excitement, planning, storing, creating, and making! Love it!!
pattern first I think.... but we have a great website in the UK that does cheap good quality fabric so I like looking at that to see what they have in. It's not a huge choice but very nice fabric. Usually I already have a pattern in mind though....
What website is that, if you don't mind sharing?

I do both.  Sometimes I will have a patternI want to use, or have decided to get a pattern for something specific, and then I go looking for suitable fabric (I don't have a big stash, so its off to the shop for me).  Sometimes when I am wondering through the fabric store I will find fabrics that will "tell" me what I should make with them.  I think I more often than not have a project in mind when looking for fabrics.

I usually fall in love with fabric - I just get so much pleasure out of it, always have done!  Then I have to find something to do with it.  Always that way round for me.  
I do both. I try not to buy fabric without knowing what project I will use it for, but it's hard.  When I buy pattern I check out my stash to see if anything "speaks" to me, and my last two projects were both found there. But otherwise I am all too happy to buy more fabrics. And it doesn't help that I have a good friend who runs a fabric store...
Ohh - that would be dangerous! 
I'm really struggling with finding a good balance with this, as I do not want to have a significant stash of fabric in my house. I do think that having some sort of stash increases the chance that I'll spend my money wisely. Trying to match a fabric to a pattern sometimes means I spend too much money. I also am realizing that I often like many fabrics that I just will not wear though, so it's tough. I'm leaning towards patterns and then having the fabric (cheaply) present itself over time.
 I am with  Charolette P. all the way... exactly describes me.. 
I find this a hard balance too!  I find it really hard to find fabric I want when I start  from a pattern but buying fabric without something in mind is dangerous. As I have said on my blog I am one of those people who is constantly buying both with no plans in mind and it tends to leave you with lots to think about!


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