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Hello friends!  I am having a dilemma and thought I would pose the problem to all of your wonderful minds.


I have a fantastic piece of hunter green cotton fabric which is about 4 1/2 yards long.  Since this is a fabulous length for making a dress, I'm not going to throw it away, but it is driving me crazy!  I have been trying to prep the fabric by washing, drying, and ironing. I have a hunter green washer, dryer, and iron.  I'm currently washing it for the third time now.


Do any of you have any suggestions for purging the excess color?  Should I be washing it in hot water instead of cold?  Drying on high heat? Beating it with a baseball bat?


Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!




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Replies to This Discussion's not bleeding as much as it was...but the color is still running a bit.  I'm going to try going to the grocery on my home from work tomorrow and picking up some of the dye suggestions like dylon or color run remover.  I'll have to let you know!! *fingers crossed* have got would have had a fit by now and give up.ha.. My daughter uses the color guard sheets on her kids clothes that fade..she said it works great..wish you luck with your green fabric..I just know it 's bound to be pretty..since you have had to work so hard on stopping the fading. Good Luck.
I have heard that white vinegar also works to set dyes. I would assume a small amount mixed in a basin of water would do the trick.

I remember as a kid dying Easter egss in food color then placing them in vinegar to set the color.

Salt makes sense too.


  I hadnt thought about vinegar..but ,I bet that would work too?? be worth a try..


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