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What have you added to your stash lately?

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I made out like a bandit today while fabric thrifting. In all, I probably got over 60 yards of fabric. Here's some adorable fabric from 1972 -- I got 10 yards of it!

Mena, you find the best fabrics! I'm on a fabric ban :S,  but my favourite place to shop online is Hawthorne Threads.

While wondering around Spotlight (unfortunately about the only decent fabric store in my area & similar to JoAnn's for those in the US), I decided I would be brave and try a jersey dress.  This is the fabric I'm going to use ... I think I am also going to use this as part of my CP Spring Palette challenge (but I'm going to do Autumn).  The colours haven't come out very well - it is chocolate brown and red.


Lincraft have a half-price fabric sale on at present. I set myself a limit and only went over it slightly.
Spotlight have 40% off all patterns at the moment.  Great time to stock up on all those designs that catch your eye.
look what I found last week ina charity shop. there must be over 2 meters!
Love it - lucky you!
wow - what will you do with it? So dramatic!
I'm waiting for the right pattern which I don't have yet. I think you need to see the pattern, it could be in the stash for sometime, but I still love it!

oooooh... I love it.. this is beautiful..

I have been buying quite a bit of thrift shop fabric lately... in my defense, it's been really cheap and always enough to make a garment from! Here's a small sample of what I've added to my stash (oh the shame, there's much more!):

 I can't imagine what I could make from the top left fabric that wouldn't burn out the retina with colour/pattern overload. But... you never know! I bought the green mock embroidered flower fabric because it intrigued me... again, could possibly be pattern overload in something like a dress. I'm hoping there's enough of the grey flower fabric to make a pencil skirt.


My two favourites are in this photo - the check fabric with tiny embroidered flowers (enough for a 50s style dress!) and the pink dotted swiss (it looks and feels like quite an old fabric - I want to make a skirt but am still deciding on style). The blue is a bit different but it was 4 metres for 20 cents. You can't beat that!

I've been doing the same but haven't loaded any photos yet -managed to find some peach floral seersucker, some heavyweight suiting, blouse fabric and a tablecloth! I've never been able to find things like this before, so I'm quite pleased. Maybe I'm just on the look out for anything now ...


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