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   When I finish sewing a garment, or sometimes even during the sewing process, my head begins to haunt always the same idea ... How to get "beautify" the garment, often the idea of the essence of trying to alienate the garment sewn to make it different from the original model, it is often the idea of ​​getting to this piece truly "mine" and get my own tap it.
   Mena is very fond of embroidering the garments she sews.
    I added a tutorial to show how to paint your own fabrics for stamping at any garment with your own, here:


    Do you the same thing happens? ...

     Do you need  to "go beyond" with  the garments that you sew?! ....

     Or maybe you are wanting to finish the garment as soon as possible to use it?!

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Great tutorial.

I actually have the urge to beautyfy things but mostly with storebought things or things I got used. I think I would be to impatientto embroider something I've sewed but not worn yet. Maybe when some of the stuff I sew now is older I might want to give it some new charme. Thinking about embroidering some black fabric shoes I just bought.....

Oh, yes, Nora ... Just start with some "small" project, I'm sure the "bug" will appear soon and you want more ... 
I'm thinking more about it, now I've done a lot of sewing.  I have some trousers that I accidentally splashed with preservative when I was painting my garden fence (I really shouldn't have worn them) and I have the idea of covering the splash with some applique or embroidery.  I also want to do a skirt - I have a pattern with an applique flower detail that I wanted to do for embellishment week, but I ran out of time. 
This is a great idea, Marguerite! Use embroidery, wall, etc.. not only to beautify but toconceal some small damage. Oh! This has a great future ... 

Rosy this is so cool, thank you for sharing it.


I'm a big fan of embroidery which shows up sometimes on the inside of my garments and sometimes on the outside. I just like making it mine and adding that little something to make it more of my own creation.

Thankyou for the tutorial..  Would love to try painting on fabric..
Great tute - embellishment is one area where I fall down. I like the idea of it, but can rarely make it work for me. I do like the idea of messing with paints though.


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