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I found this dress at the thrift store yesterday for $4. I feel that it has great upcycle potential. It fits well so I would not have to do much for fit. Small problem is, I have never upcycled anything. Does anyone have any suggestions for this particular project or just general upcycle advice? I like the concept of the white accents at the collar and the cuffs but feel this is just to much.  It is very difficult to see in the picture but the collar has little pearl beads sewn on it that match the pearlized buttons. Maybe change it to short sleeves? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks all! Sorry if this is in the wrong forum ;)

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I would make three quarter sleeves with no cuff and cut the the lace part of collar in half so not so big and if you wanted a different look take off buttons from waist down or change out buttons.   I love to upcycled, just have fun and see what happens!!!

These are my suggestions, as well. With the addition of shortening the entire thing and changing the buttons.

I'm personally not a big fan of lace so I would get rid of the lace collar and lace accent on sleeves and I would change the buttons. This style reminds me of a Burda Style dress I really like. I think with the right belt you would be set.

OOOO...what a fabulous piece!  You could cut off the lace on the cuffs and shorten the sleeves to have a shirt dress.  You could create a strapless dress with a sweetheart neckline and shorten the skirt a little for a fun party dress.  You could then re-attach the white accents around your new neckline.  You could cut off the sleeves and neckline and make into a halter dress with some straps from the excess fabric and trim these in the leftover white accent material.  Good luck!! And when all else fails, try cutting up various pictures of the dress in new styles until you get one you like.     

Wow!  What a great idea --  cutting the photos (instead of the refashion).  That one is going on my bulletin board!

Go to this sight she upcycles EVERYTHING. I have been reading her blog for about 2 years. She might give you some ideas that will work for your dress.

Perhaps you could CAREFULLY remove the lace and either shorten or remove the sleeves. Maybe then re-use the lace as an insert in some way, either around the neck (there's a fabulous tutorial on Colette Patterns on how to do this) or perhaps on the back (in a cut out)? You could also find a way to turn this around so the buttons are up the back...

Lovely find.  I would take the sleeves out and shorten it to a tunic length.

If this were my project, first I would soak the collar (heck, probably the whole dress, not sure what it's made of) in a tea bath. Lots of dark tea, coffee, etc, to sepia the collar and make the color contrast less peppermint stick-y. Then I'd cut out a sexy little keyhole opening under the first button and take out one or two buttons in length, depending on your style. Cut the sleeves to a slim 3/4, with maybe a little vent at the seam for interest. You could definitely shorten it, but for a vintage feel, I'd keep it at the knee or below. Personally, I'd keep the length and wear it with motorcycle boots and tights. Good luck with whatever you decide!

ohh this is so vintage inspired.. i would keep it as it is but more fitted.

Thanks so much for all the wonderful suggestions! I am definitely going to take Meg the Grands advice and cut up a bunch of pics into the different styles suggested before attacking the actual dress.

evilincarKnit - does the tea/coffee bath work on rayon? If it even takes the dye do you know if it will it will rub off on things? Sounds like a really cool project.  


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