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Does anyone know where to buy "Built By Wendy" Simplicity Patterns in the UK?

I can't seem to find any website in the UK that stocks these fab patterns!

Any Suggestions?

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I have two of her books - U Sew and the Stretch sewing one, that has patterns in the back of them and I got them from Amazon.  I haven't used the Stretch one yet - but I have made the pants from the U Sew book and they worked out well.  Amzzon had free postage recently, not sure if it is still on offer??

You can get the patterns here:


They quite regularly have patterns for $2.99 so even with postage it might work out economical for you (or you could download them). 


Good Luck

Thanks Debbie! That is super helpful and its the cheapest shipping cost I've seen! Yay!! x


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