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I just posted in the thread on favorite blogs- an excellent thread, as I love to find new blogs. But perhaps it wouldn't be amiss with a thread where we present our own blogs too? An easy way to see what all the talented people here writes about.


I have two blogs. Fashionable Forties, which is a rather new project for me, I am trying to re-create a complete 1940's wardrobe.


And I also have Isis' Wardrobe, where the focus is on 18th century clothes, but also everything else I feel inclined to make.

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Thanks Meg :)
another of my blogs that I have snaky look at everyday!
One of my top three favourite blogs!! Love it, Debi! :)

I have a blog and I love it.  It's because of blogging that I've been able to connect with such incredible and talented people.  I blog at Rhinestones & Telephones.  C'mon over and visit! :)


@Elisa - both of your blogs are in my reader!


@Rachel - I'm a Blogger girl, through and through.  Mena is the Typepad Guru and can certainly advise you about that platform. Start a blog - it's fun! I'm sure you'd have a slew of followers from here. :)


I've got to go and add these blogs to my reader. :)

I love your blog!  I am reading it on my lunch hour and it is just lovely :)
Oh, wow! Thanks, Meg! :) I've been down with a bad cold/flu for the past week, so my posting (not to mention sewing) is waaayyy down!
we look forward to your return!

Thanks , I am really keen and you all so supportative.


LOVE your blog Sarah!
I started one at the weekend Decided it was time to start one :) not much there yet though
You have fish on your blog?!?!?!  How did you do that?  I am mezmerized...but I also enjoyed the posts you have written (I hate when I think my sewing machine is broken - lots of screaming and foot stamping) :)
Awesome blog name! :)


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