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I was thinking about this today as I happily made light cotton tops and thought about light summer skirts, 

Do you sew for the season your in or do you look ahead and start sewing some warmer things before the season is upon you? 

Thinking about raincoats and warm long sleeved tops seems so far away doesn't it? Yet I feel compelled to start hoarding warmer fabrics ready!


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At the moment, I'm enjoying re-finding my sewing skills and making up anything and everything according to the theme. I'm thinking though that perhaps at the end of the year, I'll be a bit more organised about what I'm making and looking at what's missing in my wardrobe. So, at the moment, no I'm not sewing for season but I can see it happening.
I really only like to sew summery things- I just love the fabrics more.  So I sew seasonally and in the winter I just focus on scrub tops and things for work.

 I really sew for the season , I am in. I tend to like summer sewing best of all..But when winter approaches.. I will start thinking of corduroy,flannel,etc.

  I really want to make a raincoat..A lady in the colette pallete challenge, made one.It was adorable.I have never made a coat..[and REALLY dont want to,ha] But a raincoat..........maybe the future?????

[Cathe, can you believe, Iam saying this????ha]

I am thinking about making a raincoat this year too although I still have my Lady Grey hangover from the sewalong last year. Amy Butler has a good pattern for one and I think she does some raincoat style fabrics too.
Yea Stevie, I saw the Amy butler fabric. so pretty..

I haven't really thought about it, but I have never made anything wintery really. I think it is because I am afraid of anything not cotton. But I am actually starting to think about it this year, I would like to make a little cape for autumn.... hope I am up to it. Like Diane, I am just following challenges and seeing what happens (although Diane manages to finish things and not just think about them in her head like me !)


I can't imagine being a good enough sewer to make a raincoat, you girls are on fire!

Charolette...soooooooooo funny [good enough to make a raincoat].. I would love to HAVE one..but dont think ,it will ever come from me.hahhaha.. I saw the lady at colette do cute,because you can choose bright pretty colors , where as purchased raincoats are just plain ole blue ,pink or whatever??

  I just bet.. trying to sew on that plastic coating would made you want to cuss the cat .Or at least, it would make me wnat to..Or I would probably buy the high price fabric and end up, chunking it in the garbage.ha

 Oh never hurts to DREAM.... happy sewing..

I agree the oilcloth style fabric for that would be madly expensive. I've found some in the UK for not too bad a price in a lovely turquoise. I have a habit of buying patterned coats and it makes what I wear under harder. So I thought a plain one would be a better plan.

*Charlotte. Trust me winter fabrics are far easier than you think if you ask me! Woolens and tweeds don't move! Granted they fray a bit but they are nice and solid to sew, no slippy stuff!

I have a cape pattern in my stash too! I have some Royal blue wool in mind... Argh! See what I mean!? Its June and I'm thinking about cuddly capes and raincoats!

This is one of the problems I'm having at the moment. Most of the themes have been summery and I enjoy sewing summery things, but it's winter here now and my motivation has slipped somewhat. It gets dark around 5.30pm now and so by the time I get home (after 6ish), light and frothy materials are harder to approach.
I'm with you Jen! My motivation is dropping with the temperature!! My sewing room is semi outdoors (attached to the back deck, but not the main house).. and come night time it's too cold to venture out there!
I try an switch to sewing for the next season a month or so before the season I'm in ends. In general, though, I like sewing things I can wear right away. If I'm prepared enough, I might start a big project a season a head, but that doesn't usually happen. I'm really trying to think about functional clothes that will fit into my wardrobe rather than just fun stuff. I'm starting my masters program in the fall so I'll probably be sewing pants and fall/winter stuff all August before school starts.
I love me some winter sewing--which is appropriate for my climate!  I taught myself to sew seriously on wool, and I still love it for ease of sewing, but I'm branching out into lighter cottons and linens for the summer.  I like to sew things that I can picture wearing at the time I'm working on them.  I feel more inspired that way, plus it means I'm not trying on a woolen dress in August or a pair of breezy shorts in February!


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