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When you make a new garment, what decisions do you make?  Setting in a zip is a complicated business - is it worth using a second hand one?  What about the washability of a fragile fabric for instance? 

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    I do struggle with the notions. I like the idea of the vintage zippers...but I think to myself.."whew ...I sure wouldnt want to have to replace this one , if it goes out ,especially since its "old"..However..most everything was made soooo much better in the older days???????? 

   When I first get a new pattern, I always ponder ,if I want to make "which version"...and then should I use just one pattern or do I need to use this pattern for the top and maybe another pattern for the bottom????/ always tooo many decisions.

  Then  on the fabric... I always think about the fabric...does it require "hand washing"?? I really hate this.. Does it look like it will be comfortable??? but most of the time ..."pretty eye appeal" wins out!!!  Happy Sewing .

Lately it's ... am I going to have to line this fabric? I've been so excited about using up fabric from my stash, but unfortunately have had to purchase a few new fabrics for lining them. Since when is cotton voille $6.99 per m.!! Could have sworn it used to be $2! obviously been a long time since I've bought fabric!

My dresses are turning out to be more expensive on the inside than the outside! lol.

.. oh.. and taking me twice as long to make!

I always test any zippers before I buy them, to make sure they work properly, as I've been caught out with that before!


My main concern with fabric is 'how easy will it be to sew?'.  I tend to avoid things that look like they'd be too frustrating, such as chiffons.  Life's too short to have to battle with your sewing machine!  (That, and I'm kinda scared of those types of fabrics, haha!)

Because I've been getting a lot of op shop material, I've decided to be a bit more bold with my sewing. I'll have a go and do my best effort, but if it doesn't work, no matter. The practice is not wasted even if the material is. I'll try and rescue buttons and zips etc. and some material if possible, but no more saving a piece until the perfect pattern comes along (and I'm at a dress size I'm happy with - that'll never happen!) Still, if I've spent big bucks on the material, yes I'll be more carefull and will consider the notions I'm using.
This is probably a horrible way of jugging a pattern but I go by pattern pieces first, yes seriously and of course style. I know my figure and what works for me pretty well but I can be influenced by current trends which has resulted in disappointment.

I don't necessarily buy a pattern or fabric first. I have a healthy stash of fabric that has been meeting my needs as I find new patterns to take on.

I have not gotten into vintage notions such as zippers, only buttons. So I'm not sure if it's worth it or not. A new zipper costs about $1.50...

Again with fabric it all depends. I prefer washability but would consider hand washing as an option too. I'd pass on dry cleaning. The whole process of dry cleaning seems really toxic and scary to me.

I find it hard to match patterns and fabric immediately. For me it is a kind of lightbulb moment. I am a hoarder of both patterns and fabric but I get really bummed out when I ruin a garment or it doesn't work for me. So I hesitate. This means I rarely buy fabric over £20 for the amount I need. But cheap fabric can look cheap. I try to buy cottons and easy fabrics. I haven't bought anything like crepe backed satin for years after a disaster moment at college. 

I wish I was more cost effective with it all though. I have millions of patterns I haven't used yet as well as fabric but I can't seem to stop myself buying more no matter what plans I put in place.

Handwashing is a rare occurance with me, Zips do my head in, I do prefer vintage metal ones though,



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