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  Do you have a  special item or sewing experience ,that you would like to share? My grandaughter, Emily, who is now 12 yrs old, Loves sewing. We share some wonderful times.She and I can visit fabric stores and stay for hours. She has always had this love.[just as I have]

when she was 5 yrs old. I was sitting at my machine sewing away..She kept begging.".but Maw..I want to make me a dress too.."  Well.. I gave her  several scraps of fabric [so she could choose her own colors], a big threaded needle, some scissors..She sat right beside me,so I could watch her. And she not only designed this adorable dress, but  cut it out, and sewed it up.. She spent hours on this creation. [and yes Ladies..her mom about died that I gave her a needle and scissors.haha]

   Of course, this dress was never worn...but it hangs in my sewing room ,until this day..It is my most prized sewing possession.

  Don't you think I have a fashion designer in my future??????hahaha

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What a beautiful story. Oh how I wished to had that. My mom always tells about how wonderful her mom could transform in few hours any garment she wanted... unfortunelly I haven’t had the opportunity to sew with her as she died when I was young. But my mom always tells me how proud she is of me and my sewing adventures as of grandma 20 girls grandchildren , I’m the only one that sew .

 I think my most memorable experience was when I got lots of spare fabrics  ( cut from my clothes I guess)  and sew them on my Barbie body. I’m very found of it and I remember that I sew a pink pencil skirt and a crop purple top... 


And I am sure we will see Emily’s creations soon ...



Rachel, thankyou.. I too wish you could have got to sew with your grandma.. I know , as a grandma, it would have been so special for her and you.. I just know,she would have been so proud of you and your sew weekly challenges. I enjoy seeing your creations.

My mom is amazing...she studied pattern making and worked as a draper in the theater for years and years, and even made patterns (before computer design!) for a company that custom-made huge balloons for businesses.  She did a giant godzilla once for a car lot.  So I have many, many happy memories learning to sew with her...little clothes for my cabbage-patch dolls, my first elastic-waist skirt, silk dress for a junior-high dance, and during my last visit home we designed my wedding dress, found the perfect lace, fitted the muslin and started the bodice.  The dress is spectacular, all the more because it's made with such love.  She's a true artist, and sewing makes me feel close to her. 

wow, really special !  pls share the photos when you wear it ! xx

Morgan, that is wonderful.. so proud you have the memories of sewing with your mom.. Know she cherishes it too.. Can't wait to see pictures of the wedding dress.
Judy I love Emily's outfit and I do believe she will be a fashion designer! That's a really sweet story!

My Mom made me a dress when I was about 7 which I promptly stained right on my chest so she embroidered a locket and chain (necklace) right over the stained area. It was the best solution and somehow I remember it to this day. It was a super comfy dress so I was very happy that she could save it from my personal tragedy.

Thankyou Cathe,

 What a smart mom...cover up the boo-boo   and know one will ever be the wiser..yea.

Love the dress Judy :-)) am sure she'll make a great designer - she's keen already and she has you to look up to! I've got several sewn things. Number one is a rag doll that I've had since I was about 4 - it has yellow and white polka dot loooong legs and an embroidered face, complete with eyelashes and yellow wool hair (she doesn't really look that pretty ...) She's very floppy now but no way would I get rid of her. My mum's friend made her for me. I've also got a couple of things I made in after school sewing club. There's a felt ovenglove with practice embroidery stitches on it and a matching egg cosy. Never been used, just sit in the tea towel drawer but I love them!

Thankyou Marguerite,

 All of our sweet memories...just cant get rid of them..Don't they bring us so much comfort now..

I forgot my 'face' pincushion too! I made it years ago and it's still in the sewing box ...


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