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Do you have a favourite inspirational place or centre of creativity?

I spent my Easter holiday in Manchester, my home town (of many years ago!) and where I was educated.  I love to go back there and see the changes and developments, particularly the Northern Quarter.  Here, you will find many independent shops and markets, most notably Affleck's Palace, full of little units selling vintage clothing etc.  I first noticed the 1970's revival here about 5 years ago, which is now mainstream.  The 70's was still very much in evidence.  The window of Pop Boutique was testament to this, as was Oxfam Originals, which sells second hand designer goods.  I also found Magma bookstore this time - there are also branches in Covent Garden - which concentrates on craft books.  I found a pattern making book here.  I had a fabric splurge in Abakhan Fabrics, which sells all kinds of fabric by weight.  I came away with African wax finished cotton, lots of it for only a tenner.  I'm adding photographs of my trip in an album all this week.  Hope you enjoy them.    

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Oh my gosh, I adore Manchester! Its only an hour away from me at the moment (although I was born much closer) I love all of the cool little shops especially Affleck's Palace, such a fantastic hive of all things amazing!  I've not been there since I started my sewing escapade, but I think I might come away from there inspired. At the moment I don't have anything as a favorite inspirational place, but it does feel like the most random of things inspire me at times, ahh well its all good.

I'm not surprised you had a fabric splurge in Abakhan, I have one about 10 minutes drive away and it is amazing yet evil! especially the weighed things!  The quilting cottons work out to be less than £3 a meter, total bargain!

Fabulous photos! ah, NYC--it is really inspirational!   I find that my local fabric store helps inspire me as well (plus they are sooo nice!)


I couldn't stand that I put my pictures in so incredibly large so I have re-posted with a few different ones (would that be OCD or what?!).

Originally I wrote about my love for NYC. I visit often for work and lived there when I first married my husband. Here are a handful of New York pics on a beautiful fall day last October.

I've never been to NYC but it always seems to me to be a BIG kind of place, so maybe large photos are justified!  I'm enjoying seeing them whatever size though.
Cathe - that photo of the sewing machines is the same as one I've just taken! Will be appearing in my album in due course!
Great minds also see alike! It's such an intriguing store!
I was in the All Saints shop in Miami Beach last year, and took tons of pictures of all the sewing machines.  My husband thought i was crazy.  I loved the clothing int he store too - the colours were a bit more neutral than i like but the styles were spectacular.  I wish we have it in Toronto
Sounds like a very exciting vaccation.. So proud you enjoyed yourself..and found all the nice shops.. Also, thankyou for sharing your  photos with us.I am so enjoying them.

 Funny coincidence .

There is  a store window full of old sewing machines exactly like that here in Paris . When I take people around the fabric stores they always stop and take a photo.

I find going home ( Brasil) very inspirational as we use a lot more colors than here in the UK


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