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Here's my first skirt! Yay!  Since the material was a bit see through, I doubled it and folded it, so I didn't even have to stitch the bottom. I was pretty pleased with the skirt overall.  If you read my blog though you'll notice I mentioned that the elastic in the waistband rolls. It doesn't bother me too much so I doubt I'll rip apart the seams and start again, but I'm wondering if I did something wrong? Did I make the casing too big? (It was a 1" elastic and I made the casing about 1.5")? Should I have made a few vertical stitches somewhere to "lock" the elastic in place? Please help!-Hattie

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You can purchase elastic that is specifically called 'non-roll' elastic. That should help eliminate further problems.

Really!? Well I think that's ALL I'll be buying from here on out! :) Thanks for that tip!


Oh but the doubled over fabric is a brilliant idea! Elastic is so finicky!

I know, I'm so weird about see-through clothes too so I liked that idea!


When I do the casing I include a row of topstitching 3mm from the folded edge, it keeps the casing area taught and stops it from bagging to much along the fold, which gives the elastic room to roll. When it's finished I also like to put in vertical stitching at the sides, centre front & centre back. But Jen is right.. some elastic is more prone to rolling.
I too..add the top stitching at the top..and also in the center front and back a  vertical stitch .This keeps it from rolling at all..even when washing..

Hattie, your first skirt is absolutely  beautiful.You did a great job.. I love the idea that you doubled it.. Great idea.

 the non roll elastic is great...  I also do what Casey said do..It  prevents ANY rolling ,even during washing..

  keep up the good work..Look forward to seeing  your next garment.Happy Sewing

That fabric is really nice.  Congrats on your first project!  I second the advice of thee others of adding vertical stitches to combat thee rolling.


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