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For anyone wanting to do 'The Queen' for this theme, week of 4 June. there are some excellent fashion sketches now on the Mary Evans Picture Library website .  Just search on Hardy Amies or Norman Hartnell.  The Hardy Amies sketches are the best though, with swatches of fabric etc ...

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Thanks Diane, that looks great.

There is a useful gallery here as well



I adore the old pictures of The Queen! Thanks so much for posting the link, somehow I had never heard of the Mary Evans picture library.

Whilst I am not a contributor to the SW, I have been thinking about a sewing project for the Diamond Jubilee, but I am leaning more towards "Vintage things that make me love the UK so much" so I am thinking Mod.

I even have some blue and white knit and a dress pattern that would look great with red piping, but I am off to Italy for the long Bank Holiday so I'll have to get a move on!

Lucky you off to Italy!  I'm hoping to go soon.  I found out about the Mary Evans Picture Library through work and they regularly send me a newsletter.  Just so happens that they've recently acquired The Queen fashion sketches.  I agree, there are some fabulous ones in there - quite glamorous  ...  

A pretty great chart:

Thanks Mena, that

It's amazing! 

haha love that chart, thank you.....and it sparked a memory for me that I may well pursue, thank you!

If anyone finds a site with good colour pics of Princess Margaret, please let me know.....I'm pulling my hair out trying to find some that are anything but her wedding dress (which was gorgeous) or her before she died. I know she wore some fab stuff in the 50's and 60's but can't find anything inspiring yet.

I have done a bit of googlering and I am pretty sure you have already found anything I managed to come across.

As a sideline I was thinking: do you know anyone with a subscription to the Time magazine website that you could borrow for a few hours? It would be a bit like going down the library, but the searching process is bound to be faster.

I have also been wondering whether there are equivalent archives / magazines out there. I am sure there are but it has been a long day and my brain has locked the handwheel for the day ;)

There's a few, but not many, on Pinterest: and probably you've already seen them all.

I hadn't even thought of Pinterest for this one....silly me :)

Ok, here's some more particular I was thinking about Stefania's request for archives like Time

The Royal Collection has an e-gallery at the moment called Dress For the Occasion which is seriously good:

The British National Portrait Gallery has some great paintings AND might take a little time to search as there are lots of European royals in there too, but stick 'Queen' or 'Princess' or 'Countess' into the search for sitters and you'll find some nice stuff.....even better if there's a royal you really want to search for:

Fashion has tons of great royal fashion photos if you work through the links....I'm particularly loving the 60s and 70s clothes: And the royal tours links are good too.

There's some lovely illustrations in this article:

And you might get inspired by the colour in this slideshow:

I think that's it for now.


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